What to Wear For… A Night Out

I have been so stressed out and over worked lately so going out clubbing can be a great way to shake it out and be in the moment. Some of you may already know that I enjoy EDM. So I went to see Dash Berlin at Omnia San Diego a couple of weeks ago and it was just simply awesome!!! I used to never record videos of my night life, but I’ve started to notice how much social media has taken over the dance floor seeing many people pulling up their phones when a new song was playing. And so I started sharing too (see my Instagram) but I still want to keep it fun and almost secretive about it.

Then, the way of dressing came to my mind along with the consciousness of avoiding to be seen during the night. Suddenly after reading this article here and an extract from our favorite blogger Garance Doré’s book Love Style Life, it started to make a bit of sense for how I felt on clubbing and dressing:


I gathered that i tend to be much in tuned with my french side, that being comfortable in my clothes is more important than being utterly sexy in a bodycon to be noticed, that making selfies in the club is a sign of try-hard (anti-cool!!) and dressing up means that I care too much about my looks (shouldn’t I have better things to do?!). So you may guess that bodycons aren’t for me and that I cannot feel comfortable wearing tight mini skirts either (how do you sit normally in those?!)

I’d wear my favorite skinny crop jeans black  or white (AG jeans are the most flattering ones) with a statement top (sheer blouse, interesting cut out tops, tops in lace or even in sequin). I’d throw on my broken in leather jacket, grab my heels and a simple black clutch (Acne or APC). Splash Chanel red on my lips, letting my hair down, and get set, ready, go… out! Now to keep things interesting as I also love to party in the USA 😉 I started mixing the French & American culture in my approach to dressing (up or not). Finding the right balance didn’t come easy but this is where I stand today; I’d wear my favorite mini leather black skirt from Sézane with a fun printed T-shirt then carry on my shoulder my new midnight blue velvet with hand stitched silver stars clutch I am totally crazy about from this new ethical brand I discovered a while ago named Kayu. It goes with everything I own in my closet and adds that dash of fun I’ve longed for in my wardrobe. I simply cannot wait to go out more wearing it. Lastly, I’ve been looking for some silver heels to pair with my simple ‘French’ night out outfits.

What about you guys? What do you wear when you go out party? Do you like many American girls I noticed being modest during their day time outfits but come out revamped at night or are you more like a Frenchie wearing the same outfit as during the day not wanting to appear try-hard? Let me know as I am actually very curious about it. I haven’t seen many posts out there talking about dressing for night life.


PS: Some of you asked me about this… if you are in San Diego, Omnia, Fluxx, Bassmnt, Vin de Syrah, Bang Bang are some of my fav clubs in downtown and in North Park, there is Office and Seven Grand.


  1. LL

    I’m an American girl. I’m fairly uncreative in that I only have one outfit that I wear for nightlife (pubs, nightclubs, etc): a black jersey skater-style dress with my one handbag (black) and black block heels (which I wear for professional engagements as well). It’s nondescript enough where I won’t look out of place in most venues, and it’s a very easy garment to wash. +/- cardigan and tights for weather


    1. Sovannary

      Hi 🙂 Thank you for your comment!! That’s a great feeling to be able to rely on a go to ensemble for any situations and all black is just timeless. I like how you described it as nondescript because this sounds a lot like a french way of dressing, where the Frenchie would wear her simple day outfit then swap her flats for heels. But I also love how creative American girls are with their night outfits and sparkling colors. They get to be extravagant and are granted to be completely someone else for one night and honestly I kind of like that idea too 😉


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