Vive l’Amour

Hi everyone! I am euphoric to write my first post here.

Are you celebrating love this month? I am hearing yes? Ok, so today let’s talk about l’amour ahhh. But firstly, what is love? Does anyone know? Please don’t laugh I’m serious… because I was asked this philosophical-hard-to-answer-question the other day. And here was my attempted answer well… love is when Arjen cares for me when I don’t feel well (also when I feel well hmm anywho). My friend surprised by my unexpected response replied… that’s what any good friends would do and then proceeded with another question: then what is the difference between a friend and a lover? Hmmm I started scratching my head and got my mind a bit fuzzy and I blame the margaritas. When a situation like this arises there is really only one smart thing to do….

Our friend Siri (too bad if you don’t own an iPhone sorry) said …

As I understand it, ‘love’ refers to a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude.

Ha! Solicitude to me seemed quite right. Arjen does love me YES!!! I was almost nervous about this. Piouf! Relieved! In actuality to answer the previous friend’s question, the distinction is clear on what separates a relationship from a friendship? SEX!!! Chemistry is necessary to build a relationship according to this love & dating guru. Check out his fun video on finding THE one (guy/girl)! I enjoyed and still do very much enjoy learning about his approach to life and dating.  If you are single and reading this, I suggest to skip the lines below, skedaddle, and go watch some of Matthew Hussey’s videos instead to find a Valentine for next time. You’re welcome 😉

Enough balderdash now, so Arjen and I celebrate our deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude for one another at every opportunity we get rather than on one specific day a year. And yes to create romance and sexual tension, it may help with these easy peezy tips to follow and having the right attitude très certainement. If you happen to be in Paris, the city of love, (so not cliché?!) I recommend visiting this museum named musée de la vie romantique (16 rue Chaptal, IXe). There is a lovely salon de thé where you and your bunny can relax and reminisce about your love story. Next, have dinner at hôtel Edgar (31 rue d’Alexendrie, IIe).

Edgar Hotel Paris, July 2016//Mon Paris by Ines de la Fressange

I loved this place that is far away from the touristy Paris but still at the center. The terrace is super cozy, the interior is simply quirky vintage and anti-pretentious so no one needs to dress up to the nines. Well imagine if things are going well, go ahead and order for desert the pièce montée for 150 euros. Pricey sweetness you may wonder… Believe me, it’s totally worth every cents as you will be taken upstairs to a scrumptious tiny room and … you know what comes next haha. Oh and don’t forget … Be audacious and wear über sexy lingerie of course. I wear this one from Love Stories! Evidently it matches perfectly with today’s theme.

Have fun everyone! Let me know what you do to celebrate Amore. How do you define love? And what do you suggest to create romance in your relationship? Can’t wait to read your comments 🙂


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