UnPacking from a Eurotrip

Sorry for the silence on my blog but lately it’s been so hectic with work, school, and travel…my life.

Today, I wanted to talk about unpacking instead of creating a post related to packing and trip preparation for a change. What I like about whenever I unpack is the retrospect and the fact that I can quickly judge from unzipping up my carry on what’s dirty and needs laundry aka worn a lot aka success packing item versus what’s still clean.

Above is a quick snapshot of what I had packed for a week and half throughout Europe (Amsterdam//Paris) with activities ranging from work (officially it was supposed to be a short business trip in the Netherlands) then I went to France to visit my family so a lot of casual wear and some visits with my new niece from Seattle strolling around Paris, and the countrysides for wine tasting and lots of picnics in the region of Loire Valley.

Since I travel in a carry on, I tend to pack light so I usually prepare an approximate mental list of daily outfits that fit most situations to make sure I don’t take too much. Overpacking is definitely uncool perhaps even Un-Parisian Chic. I pack a very edited selection of pieces that are versatile and can be mixed and matched to work for meetings, days out, and nighttime. I then pack the shoes in cotton bags (that usually comes from buying Chanel or Isabel Marant) and my dressy outfits in garment bags (usually comes for free with APC purchase). My makeup essentials are packed in a pouch (here is a bright pink Chanel pouch given as a gift from my favorite people at the Chanel counter in Eindhoven), which can later be used as a clutch. I also love the packing travel bag from Aesop that is discreet and practical to store the little bottles. I’ve learned to keep a travel case with a duplicate of all my beauty products and french pharmacies, that way it’s always ready and that is one less thing to think about. My tip is to be friends with a French Pharmacist because I always get tons of free full size samples of all my beauty products (same with Chanel’s skin care and lip sticks and perfume and more), so I never had to buy more for travel.

My favorite packing pieces are generally a well-cut blazer or a leather jacket, a warm jumper, a good pair of jeans, a white shirt, and a Breton top. But this time with the weather forecast in mind (unlike any other times where I was mindless), I decided to swap my favorite Caroll blazer with a knee long colorless overcoat from Beneton which I purchased in Eindhoven the last time I forgot to pack a jacket. I am truthfully a catastrophe when it comes to packing for Europe but with the frequent trips I began to learn (hopefully). I feel I can pat myself on the back this time for having a warm hat to wear, a long coat, and a pair of ankle boots for the brief low temperature moments but luckily unlike last year during the same period, this trip was surprisingly warmer than expected so I also packed light shirts and my favorite Sessun skirt.

I wore my black jeans and my tailored black cropped trousers from Gerard Darel to work paired with a nice statement top and my Repetto pumps on repeats. After work, I threw on my leather jacket and my Isabel Marant boots then I was ready to go out and grab a drink with friends. It’s important for me to be comfortable, so I stuck to comfy, basic pieces that I mixed with strong pieces from the current season’s collections like the APC casablanca red top. A very comfortable fabric, boxed cut, bateau neckline and some gold hardware details top. This blouse is cut with a 7/8th sleeve length which reveals my wrist just enough skin to show, which I am fond of.Onto next: On my wishlist includes the Cat eye Gucci sunnies as my Rayban’s are scratched. A travel bag as the Celine trio is really versatile during my travels and can hold a bunch of stuff but it’s getting beat up quickly so I am looking forward to the Celine seau or a new leather tote. I currently carry my backpack because my laptop is huge! It’s a workstation for CAD designs but I no longer do mechanical engineering work so may be requesting a smaller laptop that will nicely fit in a tote.

Packing (again!!) to the Coachella trip this week. I do want to take some time to share more about my travel (adventures) next time hopefully because clothing topic is ok sometimes on the edge of boredom to me. In my mind, talking relentlessly about clothing and building my wardrobe was intended to support my hectic lifestyle and I hope to avoid navel gazing if possible since life out there has so much more interesting and fascinating things to offer. Catch up later!

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