Things to Packs for a Winter Euro Trip

Hi everyone! I got my flight booked on impulse to Paris piouf! Almost thought it wouldn’t happen. (Note to self: Stop procrastinating and throwing cash through the window for a flight home on a last minute booking especially over the winter holidays!!! I hate myself for that). Sorry for that ok so today I wanted to talk about what to pack for a two weeks long trip to Europe in the winter…

To me the challenge in packing for this kind of trip is how to stuff in all the winter essentials like the puffy coats, thick jumpers and let’s not forget the boots to make everything fit in a tiny carry on luggage?! Firstly, I approximately plan outfits ahead with activities I expect to do and where I’ll be going by checking on the weather forecast evidently (although I often tend to forget to do this!! You’ll see by reading about this point later in the post). Since there are no music festivals or mountain trips expected, I won’t need the tall rubber boots nor the snowboarding gears. All good and lighter!

In this trip, it involves visiting Dresden, Germany and hanging outdoors in a cold aye to check out Christmas markets, drink a bunch of glüweins and glübiers, eat some wurst and nougats, visit the beautiful gothic style Lutheran church Frauenkirsche, bar hopping at night, and even attend an opera. (I’ll post more later on details of my wonderful trip in Dresden and the meet up with the German super cutie and funny Matthias!!!). With this in mind, I’m thinking layer, layer, layer and I’m packing a long white woolen coat to layer with my perfecto (read more here), a thin cashmere jumper and a pair of blue jeans, paired with the Gucci loafers (read more here) and socks. Since I have forgotten my winter gears with temperature nearing 0 degree Celsius, (this always seems to happen to me!!! You see I didn’t check on the weather gaaah!!!) I went out on a quick shopping spree in the super cool and hipster Matthias’ neighborhood in the Äußere Neustadt and visited one of the many vintage shops there and I was eventually able to add some warmth and chic elements into my outfit with a Scottish style plaid woolen scarf and a cute angora white fluffy headwear knitted in Italy for just 15 euros.

Then later this week in Paris, it will concern mainly being home with my family and friends so I’m thinking casual wear for the holiday celebration and when going into town in Paris I’ll be meeting up with my sister for dinner and drinks with the friends and it appears hanging out with some of you my dear readers too!!! I’m very excited :). So I’ll make sure to stay stylish with my plaid jacket and add that fun and unexpected American ugly Christmas sweater for warmth (this sweater concept is purely to piss off my mom as it certainly won’t be style approved hahaha) and pair with my Isabel Marant boots (no need to compromise style and function, just wear layers and add winter accessories is ever so easy). I am toting around with my Celine trio purse as it’s classic and functional with the three pockets to fill in with all the travel essentials. And during my flights and airport, I carry my free cotton tote from Sézane to pack with the thick socks and silk pajama for the plane as well as the toiletterie bag and some meds.

So here is my list of what I packed for this winter trip in Europe, ready?


  • System (from Korea) white oversized woolen long coat
  • Masccob masculine plaid jacket
  • Sézane perfecto


  • System green or brown (I don’t know anymore) thick jumper
  • V-neck Uniqlo oversized off white jumper
  • Theory oversized V-neck cashmere thin sweater
  • Ugly Christmas sweater oversized crew neck from Frock your vintage shop
  • Ugly Christmas vest from Frock your vintage shop


  • Short and long sleeve tee and tanks from theory
  • APC striped top


  • Equipment pajama style silk printed top
  • Caroll printed navy shirt


  • System wool black trousers
  • AG blue Isabel jeans
  • AG white cropped jeans


  • Isabel Marant Deyissa boots
  • Gucci Brixton loafers

I have the feeling that I overpacked but let’s see when I get back, I’ll report! When I last travelled with Grant, this guy just came with a tiny carry on bag?! How on earth did he manage to stuff in all the essentials. Did he have invisible pockets I wasn’t aware of?! My travel goal has been to pack minimalistically but I haven’t clearly reached this goal yet!! So I’m putting this on my goal list for year 2018 yeah!!! Who’s excited like me for the new coming year? What do you pack for a winter trip! Let me know and I wish you a wonderful happy holiday my friends!!


  1. Pret A Porter P

    I always end up freezing, so after 2 trips with questionable packing decisions I finally bought myself 2 proper coats: one that is for wind/rain and just enough to keep warm but still cool enough for the heat and the other for “winter.” Now it’s highly unlikely I’ll be traveling in winter.

    I like how your white coat,has the warmth without sacrificing “style” in how it looks like a part of the total look and not like outerwear. Do you bring “boring” items for layering like Uniqlo heat tech, fleece lined leggings? etc…

    Also skincare? You have perfect skin!


    1. Sovannary

      Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts!!! Having a nice parka and a woolen coat are definitely winter essentials. I have an APC parka but is made for spring while I have a navy pea coat I love also from APC but is starting to show too many signs of wear out so I thought I’d give it a break this year. As for the long white coat from Korea, I found it perfect to keep myself warm in style haha thanks!! The Koreans sure know how to rock winter stylishly and I could use a tip or two from them so it helped to have been styled by these ladies while adding my own quick to it with the accessories.

      I don’t bring the technical layers unless I’m going to snowboard but for layering I found many ways to remain warm and classy. For instance, I wore the leather jacket under the coat or simply make sure to invest in a high quality woolen trouser like mine is from Korea and is perfect for strolling outside in freezing temperatures.

      Thanks a lot dear! I don’t have such perfect skin but I try to stay healthy. I’ll write a follow up post on what I pack for skincare and makeup as I would like to be minimalist in that aspect as well without compromising skin health. Would that work? Have a great holiday!!


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