The Perfect Bathing Suit

Have you too felt years of frustration looking for the perfect bathing suit that makes you feel good and show off your beautiful curves? Did you like me have low self esteem of your body image because the media pressures you and I to look a certain way? I felt so lost in the sea of swimwear giant market trying to find the perfect swimwear but furthermore something that reflects my identity and boost my inner confidence until I was introduced to this Sydney based producer of high quality swimwear in the summer of 2016 and since then, I never looked back. I have to my deliverance finally found a line of classic swimwear created for the modern woman by Her the label. Each collection offers timeless pieces designed to fit effortlessly into anyone’s wardrobe.

When searching for the perfect swimwear, we women are on the quest for comfort: perfect! Her swimwear offers three various styles of bottoms depending on the coverage in which we are comfortable with exposing our skin. For myself, I got the low waist brief (medium coverage) and the high waist version (full coverage) to try and I like them both to suit my passing mood. We also want something streamlined with our personal style, so it is expected to get a bathing suit that is an natural extension of our curated wardrobe, don’t we? Again, Her understands us!

Let me know how your journey to finding the perfect swimwear looks like. Was it as treacherous as mine? As it took me decades to learn to accept my body until recently, did you go through a process of trial and error as I did by trying on triangle bikini making my timid chest appear even more flat? If you have found a perfect match between you and the bathing suits, please share with me your story as I am eternally curious about people’s experiences. As this post may sound rather materialistic, I try to be as conscientious as possible about developing a story to share with you on my perspectives and experiences.


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