The Gucci Loafers

Hi everyone! I finally pulled the trigger after over a year on contemplating whether to make the purchase of these most so coveted Gucci loafers.

To me, a pair of loafers is the ultimate perfect touch of masculin/féminin to any outfit. Its simplicity is enduring with the gold horsebit detail and I hope the leather is sturdy enough to last long from my terrible (horse) trotting habits. This menswear-inspired shoe has replaced the ballet flat as the quintessential run-around shoe and now finally completes my footwear collection (Yeah!!! Pop the champagne NOW :)). I can’t wait to wear it on my next travel on the plane for an easy slipper alternative which explains why I favored the Brixton, which has the back that folds down exactly like a slipper over the Jordaan version although the latter seems prettier and sturdier. Upon receiving the loafers, there wasn’t any need for stretching/breaking them in so the fit was just perfect and they are true to size. Shouldn’t it be that easy?! I’d wear my new in shoes with socks because it’s cooler and they can easily turn into my new winter footwear essentials. Who needs boots to be stylish nowadays right?!

Since the loafers arrived, I’ve worn them almost everyday, which goes to show how much I have fallen head over heels (no heels there?!) in love for this cutie. Is it weird to have a bigger crush on a pair of shoes than on a guy?! Oh well… from work to running errands, and weekend play to night dating and even clubbing, they walk extremely well so well that gums got a huge crush for my Gucci’s sole hahaha. (Tip: apply ice all over and remove delicately the gum with a damp cloth). Moreover, I have a particular liking when the shoes don’t give the look of them being too new cos it’s not cool!

I am now eyeing on getting an additional pair in brown or white. Euuh NON stop! I must calm down for it’s the holiday season with the Euro airfare that still needs to be purchased and the gift giving activities shall ramp up pretty soon as well. What do you guys think? Do you also wear these loafers? If yes, how do you style them? I like to wear mine with a work trouser (either from Filippa K, read more here or from System, a label from Korea read more here) and a thick jumper or with a simple pair of blue jeans and a white button up combo or a denim skirt with a graphic tee (read more here) for play (as here) or even an all back outfit for a night date is just so effortless, elegant and classy!!

System Jumper (Korea)//Filippa K Linet Trousers//Gucci Loafers//APC Necklace
Masccob Jacket//Theory Jumper//System Trousers (Korea)//Gucci Loafers





  1. Valeria

    Hello Sovannary. I love the Gucci loafers. I am lucky to own the Jordaan model and I find them very very comfortable and they go perfectly with my tomboy style. I would like to ask you how do you like the Masscob blazer that you have on in those pictures? I would like to gift it to myself as a Christmas present. Thank you so much for your help. Valeria.


    1. Sovannary

      Thanks Valeria for sharing your thoughts on the Jordaan Gucci loafers!! I love the jacket so much that I would wear it practically almost everyday if I could but the San Diego weather gets too warm on some days even in December so I cannot wait to be in my euro trip!! I’m flying tomorrow!! I wrote a post on the jacket I believe so make sure to check back 😉 but if I must give in my two cents; this jacket is a great purchase as it’s timeless but at the same time very quirky and would definitely fit in the androgynous style you may have. I love the menswear inspired double breast closure and the inner pocket. I love all the details to its bare threads. Hope this helps to make your decision! Let me know 🙂


      1. Valeria

        Thank you for the tips, Sovannary. The jacket is on its way! I will let you know how I feel about it. I have searched everywhere for the perfect oversize jacket (Sandro, Maje, independent stores here in Italy) but couldn’t find one I liked. They were very cute but not what I was looking for. This one seems perfect. My dream would be to own a jacket from Tagliatore…one day!
        Have a nice day.


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