Hello! After proceeding with some spring cleaning around the house, I went through many things to donate or sell like tons of books and electronics but also went through the bathroom cabinets. So I thought I could show you what’s in my skincare routine. There are a handful of products I use but truth be known, beauty comes from within yes it’s true!!! I am not one to use much cover ups as I prefer to keep things real and a genuine smile goes a long way 😉 So beauty to me has a lot to do with a healthy dose of exercising, meditating and getting that stress relieved, indulging on good food and wine, getting enough vitamins (tip: get a little sun tanned because it’s free vitamin D!!), and having a good laugh everyday is just essential. As for the rest, I can rely on my little products…

Since I  have a very strange sensitive skin mix between very dry and oily and prone to acne and even now some wrinkle lines (yeah life happens… I am 31 this week!!! haha). Well, so I’ve used Avene for a very long time and can testify that it really works for me. I really like a good exfoliator as the Avene Cleanance Mask during the summer to remove all excess of oil and dirt and a toner Avene Cleanance Mat (not pictured here) but lately I have been using the Sonoflore Eau Rose that I spray all over my face prior to applying a dab of Chanel eye lift under the eyes where the skin is the thinest. It’s very important to apply enough hydration in that zone. If there are some blemish (which is more often that I wished, but life again. C’est la vie!) I like to apply some Avene Cleanance spot treatment stick or the Uriage Hyseac bi-stick which works like a miracle. Also, I’ve used Dr. Hauschka cover stick which acts as both reducing the zits but also concealing without doing too much. I then moisturize with Avene Hydrance optimal with SPF 20 protection (in California it’s a must) all over the face in circular motion. And that’s all!

For night time, before going to bed, I make sure to clean my face well even if I don’t use makeup on. I cleanse using Avene Cleanance Mask or even more reinforcement required I use Bioderma Sebium Global for intense purifying care when my skin gets extremely oily in hot summer. During the winter though, I’d rather use La Roche-Posay Effaclar which less rough on the dry winter skin. Then I apply the Chanel make up remover which is perfect for gentle cleansing. Then, once again apply the eye lift and finish off with Uriage Isofill creme that I totally love. It’s so perfect for fighting aging skin and smells divinely. As you may know, I don’t tend to wear much makeup simply because hmm well I don’t really know how to apply it sadly. Thus, for me it’s more important to keep my skin healthy.

Recently, I got a few products from Kiehl’s like a new mask with the hope to obtain a radiant skin. I will leave a review next time but so far the results are promising 😉




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