Purchase Review: 2017 Edit

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you guys had a wonderful start of the new year. Ahh how getting back to work could ever be so tough when one had so much fun during the end year break. Have you read my notes on 2017 post here yet? So, today I wanted to share with you my list of my purchase in 2017 (this keeps track of my ‘bad’ spending habits and makes me accountable for the quest to mindful shopping which is something I’m striving for…) as well as a reflection/notes and lessons learned by dissecting both successful buys and yeah…failures (it happens). So here we go…

Rag & Bone maroon fedora
Love Stories


  • Rag & Bone wool fedora


  • Sézane perfecto (see here)
  • Sézane denim jacket


  • Coachella tank top
  • Madewell bandanas
  • Anthropology mirror pink sunglasses
  • M Maje suede bag
  • Sézane tee la femme
  • Uniqlo off white oversized V-neck jumper
  • IDLFxUniqlo navy blazer
  • IDLFxUniqlo navy bomber jacket
  • IDLFxUniqlo white cotton cardigan
  • APC Casablanca red blouse
  • Love Stories bra + brief
Ball Pages Espadrilles
M Maje Bag


  • Kayu star stitched navy velvet clutch 
  • Elise Chalmin heart tee 
  • Ball Pagès espadrilles
  • Love Stories Camisole + brief
Love Stories Cami


AG jeans Isabel Vintage wash & Jodi white cropped denim
Isabel Marant Deyissa ankle Boots


  • AG jeans Jodi crop white jeans with frayed hem
  • AG jeans Isabel high waisted vintage blue straight jeans with frayed hem
  • Isabel Marant Deyissa leather black boots


Abacca Tote
Love Stories Lolita Brief
APC Denim Skirt


  • &Other stories green army oversized jacket
  • Abacca straw market tote
  • Lack of Colors large straw hat (see here)
  • APC denim skirt
  • Theory Adriana oversized beige V-neck thin cashmere sweater
  • AG jeans Prima black skinny
  • Equipment white embroidered mini dress
Masccob la Coruna Blazer
Theory Jumper// APC Necklace// Love Stories Cami


  • Masccob plaid oversized double breast jacket


  • Veja white sneakers
  • APC marinière tee (see here)
  • Filippa K Linet navy cropped trousers (see here)
  • System olive/brown jumper (see here)
  • System oversized long white wool coat (see here)
  • System black wool oversized trousers (see here)
Veja Esplar Sneakers


  • Gucci loafers (see here)
  • Tee Fury ramen graphic tee (see here)
Gucci Loafers


Heimstone Blouse


  • Heimstone lace blouse
  • Vintage Scottish plaid scarf
  • Vintage angora white knitted hat
Le Moka, Dresden, Germany. System Coat, Jumper, & Trousers// Celine Trio Bag// Vintage Scarf & Hat// Isabel Marant Boots

My notes and lessons learned:

  • Don’t be afraid to break the bank on footwear! Well, because evidently shoes make the outfit!! Not talking sky high four-inch trendy heels. But since I’m already tall and I like to walk a lot, flats are my besties– ballets, boots, loafers, and sneakers. Comfort is essential for me! Amazing craftsmanship is equally important. This explains why I grew my footwear collection rather rapidly last year with the addition of the Gucci loafers (über comfortable!!) and a back leather ankle boots by Isabel Marant as well as the flat espadrilles from Ball Pagès I wear around the world (see here). These items are my staples and are worn to pieces. Have I told you about my manic tendency to duplicate shoes I love; for instance I own two identical pairs of Chanel ballets (in red and beige/black) or two pairs of the Castañer espadrilles (sandy pink and navy) and also two pairs of the most coveted and beloved Dicker boots by Isabel Marant (in taupe and brown). So don’t be surprised if you next come across on this blog another pair of Gucci loafers in white or a pair of Deyissa boots in another tone. In the end, I’m more than happy to pay for quality footwear and I’ll go my way to ensure that my shoes are well taken care of and remain in great conditions to last years with a frequent visits to my cobbler. (Some time ago, I posted via Instagram story a snippet of my shoes care & maintenance tutorial, care to see these tips on the blog? Let me know 🙂 Meanwhile this year, I will put on a break when it comes to footwear purchase so I can learn to enjoy the collection I already own.
  • Basics, buy them in bulk! On a daily basis, I adhere to some sort of same classic uniform−a button up shirt or a thin knit, a pair of jeans or work trousers, and flats. This is absolutely a utilitarian approach to dressing but when developing a career is a priority and every second counts… However, when I am off-duty, I favor switching my look based on my passing mood with more freedom for expressing my individuality (hello graphics tee and colorful accessories!!), but no matter what outfit I created, I could not ignore the importance of buying multiples of basics I know I truly love, rely on, and end up living in them. Would you like a post on what make a basics for me? Having something flattering to wear under all circumstances and avoiding over thinking when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, saves me a lot from decision fatigue, stress, and time as being a busy working woman who travels almost on a monthly basis. I’ve got myself covered with the perfect fit work trousers from Filippa K that made it not that complicated for me! My work place is a business causal environment so shopping at labels like Theory by acquiring multiples of the perfectly beige oversized V-neck cashmere jumper that hangs nicely on my body while keeping me warm in a chic way is an evidence. I am already adding a burgundy and a navy version into my closet!!! I know I’m wearing this basics almost everyday to work, weekends, as well as on my travels. It makes the perfect layering piece! For play and running errands, there is APC that create timeless casual wear pieces like my denim skirt I’m totally fond of and the essential striped top I wear several times a week. What are your basics?
  • A sharp tailor jacket is the perfect sophisticated touch to any outfit! You can always find me wearing a blazer (work and outside of work) no matter the season and a peacoat in the winter. I prefer it when they are super roomy (cos of the androgynous appeal and I can easily layer with a denim or leather jacket or a chunky knit under) so that explained why I acquired two oversized outwear last year… (the Masccob masculine double breast plaid jacket and the System white soft wool coat from my trip to Seoul). I must have them in constant rotation or else like my beloved navy peacoat from APC, they will give up on life. So here is why I believe a great outwear is important besides the fact that in winters, that is the piece of clothes that is seen first hand; a great blazer never feels overdone and is the easiest way to transform even the most simple casual outfit (think white tee + blue jeans) into an effortless polished look and I do this practically 7 days out of the week haha.
  • Keep your look interesting...Every inch of concealed skin leaves them wanting more… So err on the side of mystery and I love covering up a little (scarf, hat, sunglasses, even socks?). To me, there is beauty in holding something back from the world, even if it’s just my face or my ankles (?). I was so thrilled to get my hands on the Heimstone (first time visit at the boutique in Rive Gauche with Taler @thenomadicfille yeay!!) piece of treasure which I got to wear on a night out in Paris and looked as if I made little to no effort to gather everyone’s attention in a dark room walking up to the bar. French guys were going mad about it! This beautiful lacy blouse wrapped my body with sparks in an utterly most sexy way. I love the way my waist look so flattering in this beauty. This way of being effortless you know!
  • There are clothes that grow on you but for the rest be best friends with your tailor: Off the rack clothes is fine for everyday wear like the perfecto that had a rough start once in my closet (many hesitations and thoughts of returning/selling this jacket) but later grew on me with time. Sometimes there are garments we have love at first sight but alas this wasn’t the case for this jacket. Similarly with denim, after breaking them in and a few wash, they become softer and mold to our shape of our bodies creating personalized creases. Last year I went with a fun alternative than the basic straight legs I’d typically buy and I eventually liked the cropped frayed hem style after a long time wondering whether to alter them or not (a question I was asking myself many times was whether it was work appropriate but topped with a sharp blazer as mentioned earlier I gathered the courage to pull it off). Now, when it comes to suits being expensive investment pieces and basics that I want to last for years to come, there is the tailor… Not only everything fits so much better, each piece feels so much more special and far more personal when an expert ensures it fits my body as if the garment was made for moi. (Sending a friendly wave at Grant! @grantfood)
  • Travel light whenever possible: it’s been a while I no longer see the need to tote around a bag. Ditch the purse and only carry the essentials! I’ve been comfortable to step out with nothing more than a compact wallet (in reality a card holder, a gift from my sister Britney engraved with my initials. She’s the best!), my iPhone x, and my keys tucked in pockets. Have I told you that I only buy my blazers with deep pockets, so that is the reason why I don’t need a bag… For the rest, I carry my straw tote when I go grocery shopping… in style.
Merci, Paris, France. Masccob jacket// Theory Jumper// Tee Fury Ramen Tee// AG Jodi denim
  • Assess your closet annually: That is part of being a thoughtful shopper, one must always be cognizant of what to investing in. Perhaps some of you may identify with me when I used to be a wild hoarder and buy anything that caught my eyes to an extent that two large size walk in closets didn’t even suffice any longer. Let alone the fact that the more I move from apartment to apartment on a yearly basis (guess what?! moving again this month!!), the more I grew dissatisfied with this unhealthy lifestyle of consuming with no limits. Now, I tend to seek out quality and by carefully editing my wardrobe every now and then to see what will cycle back into my style and what needs to be donated or sold immediately (despite the fond memories). And my wallet would thank me, less carbon footprint, more room for happiness & time in life with the things I care and enjoy to own! It’s a ruthless (heartless) process but that way I’ll never find myself staring at an overstuffed closet full of clothes I don’t want to wear. Speaking of which…

On Failures:

  • There were items that never got worn (Sézane denim jacket, IDLFxUniqlo white cotton cardigan, &Other stories green army oversized jacket, and the APC red blouse)!!! Perhaps due to the fact that they didn’t have any occasion to be worn thus not as essential to me as I had thought previously before buying them. So, they go to sale in my shop here and see if anything fancies you 🙂
  • Things that don’t fit quite well (Veja sneakers were a tad bit too small). I am expecting to sell them on ebay. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  • Note to self: skinny jeans were never meant for me!!! I feel so uncomfortable in them, why am I so eagerly stubborn in making this sort of purchases. Out for sale the AG Prima jeans…
  • Some items I loved but were dysfunctional for my own usage like the beautiful Kayu velvet clutch clap closure didn’t do me much service by constantly losing my cosmetics or contents from this bag way too often when going out. Or maybe I was not a good wearer but regardless, this situation didn’t suit me so out for sale as well…
  • Lastly, how to fix red wine stain!!! My fav tee from Elise Chalmin with the lovely heart printed on the boobs fell victim form my addiction to red wine and the stain never came off and that makes me utterly sad.

Voilà my list of my 2017 purchases and some notes on shopping! Hope you enjoyed reading them. Looking forward to 2018 with less purchase than last year with more intentional living with great experiences and less materialism. Let’s see what goals should be derived from this recount of my spending last year until then have a good week end everyone!






  1. Pret A Porter P

    Re: wine stain. If you’ve already put it in the dryer, it may be too late. You may have luck with the Magic Wand (from Joann Fabrics–it looks like a glue stick). http://www.joann.com/prym-dritz-magic-wand-stick-cleaner-carded/1016534.html


    1. Sovannary

      Unfortunately too late for me as I tried washing it a couple of times but no luck… I’ll check out the glue stick lol thanks!!


  2. Pret A Porter P

    I agree about spending more/buying better quality in shoes and outerwear especially. And then an honorable mention to bags and jeans.


    1. Sovannary

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!!! Readers send me DM they Instagram mostly although I appreciate the responses I also like the effort to publish the thoughts in this platform to allow others to view and comment haha in any case thanks!!

      Indeed spending on shoes to me is really important as we all spend time walking around during the day, right unlike clothes can be swapped. A funny anecdote to share; when Grant asked me on our first date, he had intended for us to walk from his place to the dinner place perhaps about 15-20 min walk and stressed to me several time to bring comfortable shoes. To me, this request sounded absurd and I didn’t get it at the time. Did he mean running shoes? Are we going on a surprise mountain hike?! Well, I figured it’d be just a nice stroll to the restaurant so I wore my Isabel Marant Dicker boots… then walked comfortably. I then later asked him for clarification on what he meant by ‘comfortable’ shoes. He replied: “Are these heels comfortable to walk?” And I exclaimed: “Yes!!! All the shoes I own are comfortable to walk! Otherwise I simply end up not wearing them at all…” although it was an evidence to me, he was giving me an approval nod and laughed. In any case, to me shoes shouldn’t only be practical but also beautiful because as mentioned it makes the outfit 🙂


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