Effortlessly Cool Tee

The graphic Tees made a forceful come back in fashion as it is a cheap and an effective way of communicating succinct modes of expression in an accelerated image-driven culture (Thank you Instagram!).

We live in a mass communication information age where many young people have a short attention span and an identity crisis. A printed tee is a quick, sure-fire way to communicate and express your identity

– Excerpt from The Return of the Graphic T-Shirt on Business Of Fashion.

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Life Lately in San Diego

A couple of weeks ago, my Frenchie friend Adrien was visiting San Diego from Holland. As I picked him up from work that friday, we were clueless on how to proceed with the rest of the day and night. Happy hour drinks was our only certainty haha. But while I was driving we were heading towards La Jolla Beach to watch the sunset, smell the ocean, and get out feet wet. Life here is always impromptu that way… And so my thinking goes to how fashion and clothes should support my various lifestyle demands. Evidently I wore my Chanel flats (now full of sand and smell like salt water hmmm) and my straw tote which I plan to wear all year around and got so many compliments for its originality (can be cool to stand out once in a while!). I pulled out my new green jumper from Seoul which kept me warm during our beach walk and paired it with my casual blue jeans from my trusted Los Angeles label AG jeans. So not quite the typical beach attire but we then had better plans…

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How to Suck at Finding a Sartorial-Self (Part 2)

More scribbles on my relationship with clothes today and if you haven’t read the previous part yet, it’s here:

So let’s dive into the influence of culture and travel on defining our personal style and how we build our wardrobe. From my experience, travel purchases (often on impulse) are the most successful ones because they are unexpected findings and there is a sense of reminiscence of good memories associated with them as well as a story to tell. Care to know my recount on my last buys from France and South Korea?  (Get ready, here comes another lengthy post… but more visuals this time) Continue Reading “How to Suck at Finding a Sartorial-Self (Part 2)”

How to Suck at Finding a Sartorial-Self (Part 1)

And every morning when we rise to face the day we have to make a decision about what to wear. The two are interconnected. The selection of something to put on is not merely an aesthetic decision. It’s not just about what looks nice. It’s about what feels right, what suits our mood and how good it might make us feel.

– Mind What You Wear: the Psychology of Fashion, Professor Karen J. Pine

Ever since I’ve finally acquired the well curated capsule wardrobe of less than 50 hero items composed of basic building blocks of a minimalist wardrobe, I thought naively to myself that I would have reached the culmination of the worldwide sought after perfect “french” wardrobe, the one that would give me so much satisfaction in getting up in the morning to put the “best” clothes on myself. For a few years I was rather content to be able to dress in a coveted effortless french chic way. But in truth, during the last couple of years as I stopped writing about style and preaching about the quest for attaining such bizarre perfection, I realized I was cruising through life on auto-pilot and became utterly uninspired and dissatisfied with my clothes and even with the basic act of self-dressing (Luckily for me my mind was put towards my career and finding inspiration in traveling in the meanwhile). There was one major flaw (there are in fact many but let’s just say one for now) that I identified in following the process of curating the minimalist wardrobe, can you guess what that is?

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CRSSD Fest 2017

The end of summer in San Diego is marked by one event; the CRSSD music festival taking place at the beautiful landscape of the Waterfront park. Between the skyscrapers, the sea, the boats, lots of palm trees, the water fountains, the perfect weather and great music mix of house x techno, I’ll admit that life here isn’t so bad. (Come visit me!!!)

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Not That Complicated

Have you seen the Filippa K campaign #NotThatComplicated circulating around lately? Well, it didn’t pass unnoticed by me with a 20% discount, I couldn’t help myself with getting my hands on the sought after (at least to me it’s been coveted for a long time…) cropped navy trousers. Call it indulgence, impulsive, and irresponsible mindless shopping, but today I really feel no justifications nor a need for logical rational to explain this purchase as opposed to my thoughts and feelings spelled out/spilled out on this post here on being a mindful shopper and living life intensionally.

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