Notes on Repetto Vs. Chanel Ballerina

Hi eveyone! Finally after 5 years, I am sharing with you some of my notes on the most asked about who wins the fierce battle between the Repetto and the Chanel ballerina. Ready for this dissection?


  • Repetto Cendrillon burgundy (here & RIP here)
  • Repetto Camille black (here & outsoled once here 4 years ago) 
  • Chanel beige with black cap toe (resoled here)
  • Chanel burgundy grained calfskin (resoled here)

Common Thread:


I wear almost everyday to work (and school). All came with me during my travels both business and pleasure. With invisible socks (the best in my opinion are from Calvin Klein here). Although it is advised to avoid water stains, I wore them under all weather conditions (under the rain even at the beach).


    • Make sure to visit the cobbler to add an outsole for longer wear and avoid slipping. My cobbler is at Minuit moins 7 (Galerie Véro-Dodat, 10 Galerie Véro-Dodat, 75001 Paris, France).
    • Make sure to spray with a water repellent bottle to protect from water stain.
    • Wipe/rub often enough with a nourishing cream to treat the leather with a clean piece of soft cloth (as here).


True to size for Chanel! For Repetto, it might be snugged initially and create some blisters booo but here is a tip. Make sure to wear the socks to protect your heels from getting those aweful blisters and if you dare, try to bend the back of the shoes to make them softer. But I am also hearing some feedback that a 1/2 size up may be needed as well. The choice is yours! In either case, I use a wooden stretcher (here) for both initially.

The Competiton:

  • Price: Chanel is $750 while the Repetto is $325.
  • Leather: the Chanel flats are made in lamb leather. They are very soft to the touch and smell good when new. They are very sturdy and don’t get scratched as easily unlike the Repetto.
  • The interior lining: leather for Chanel and white Convas for Repetto which makes them easier to break in initially in contrast to the Chanel.
  • Comfort level: The Repetto lining made in convas is then softer and a tad bit more comfy to break in and to wear around than the Chanel.
  • Cleavage: The cleavage cut is more revealing on the Repetto. So if you are comfortable with your toes peaking a bit, then it’s ok.
  • Durability: Chanel!!
  • Toe and overall style: Chanel has that feminine almond toe shape while the Repetto has a simple round toe. The Repetto leather is so soft that after some time, your toes are inprinting on the shoes. I guess it’s a way to make it customized?!
  • Details: Chanel has that recognizable double C interlocked stiched on the toe and a bow already tied while the Repetto has no visible label aside from the simple bow that you need to tie
  • Ease of purchase: the Chanel (both) were purchase at the shop while the Repetto was easily accessible via online shopping.


And the winner is … (drum beating!)

Tough decision but I have a small penchant towards the higher quality and elegant feminine touch to any outfits well done by the Chanel ballerina. Even Kitty my fav cat agrees here. I mean just take a look at Georgia Tordini looks which were a real inspiration for getting this pair in the first place. While the ‘dance’ ballet shoes Repetto give me that effortless nonchalant confidence maybe because of the undone bow (I wear mine this way) and the 30 mm high leather heel, they are not as robust as I’d hoped for due to the sensibly thin leather susceptible to scratches and cuts even (truth be exposed, I am such a clumsy girl so I bump into anything and my shoes really reveal wear and tear quicker than most people I guess…). But when you look at how the chic Emma (@emma_sngn) styles hers, then it’s obvious that everyone should get a pair ASAP!



  1. nomadicfille

    I LOVE this post. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of Repetto flats, but I’ve always worried about their durability and how well they broke in. Whenever I tried them, they never felt comfortable enough. This post confirms that it was a wise choice to not invest in them at full price in the future given how hard I am also on my shoes. Thank goodness for second-hand shopping haha.

    I’ve never tried Chanel flats but my vintage Ferragamo Varas wear like iron. It did take awhile to get used to the ‘old lady’ aesthetic but by then my style at that point was changing so that it provided enough contrast.

    Also,have you ever tried Anniels or Porsellis? If so what are your thoughts?


    1. Sovannary

      Thank you! I’m glad you like the post! Since I like wearing my shoes on repeat sometimes not allowing them to breath, the Repetto could from time to time use a break haha. In the past, I had considered the Varas as they were so trendy but was reluctant that they won’t break in easily. I haven’t bought neither the Anniels nor the Porsellis but I have tried the Porsellis. They are pretty and seem so comfy but make my feet look larger than they already are haha.


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