Notes on 2017

Hi everyone! I wish you all a happy holiday!! Wouldn’t you agree that this year has gone by in a flash? And it’s already the time to recollect all the fond memories of year 2017 and be in a self-reflection (notice the picture haha) and gratitude exercising mode. So this post will serve as sharing with you guys my notes and highlights on 2017.

I wanted to first start off my notes with this blog creation :). At the beginning of the year, de Farjenary was born (thanks again to my fav Dutchies Kimberley (@theotherway), and Silvana (@saisonlune) as well as my French bestie Kim (@kimkim45) for all the support and encouragement in jump starting this wonderful online space). This blog unexpectedly surpassed my expectations by far as I initially thought to myself that topics discussed here would merely involve clothing, superficial frivolities and non sense rumblings (What??! Non I was kidding, there is still a fair amount of these especially hearing a few complaints on some ridiculously lengthy posts lacking of enough visuals), but in fact turned out to be so much more meaningful (despite the lengthy posts and props to you guys for reading it all and commenting! Thank you!!); here I talked about love & relationship (Vive l’Amour). Also remember when I shared with you my observations on different dating cultures (Thoughts on Dating an American Like You)! Hope you enjoyed it whether you agreed or disagreed on this subject…

I also discussed matters related to our consumerist driven culture (Thoughts on Mindful Shopping and Living an Intentional Life), as well as sharing with you my journey on finding my self-identity through travels (How to Suck at Finding a Sartorial-Self 1 & 2). There were tough times in life when this blog and your readership & support helped me get through difficulties with grace and humility, such as losing my dear pal Vidocq (Dear Old Friend), and when everything in life seemed to have fallen apart with sickness, disappointment, and break up (Thoughts on Resilience). So there you have, a generous amount of Life (my life) and speaking of which, remember this post Life Lately In San Diego.

Besides, 2017 was filled with many beautiful and adventurous destinations that included awesome road trips both in the US and throughout Europe, which I am so grateful for all these memories with my travel companions and being able to experience all of it! It started and ended with winter Eurotrips (Is that becoming a tradition?). I had just come back from Barcelona where I celebrated New Years. It was a long road trip from Eindhoven, NL rolling through France (passing through Paris, Toulouse, and the red wine tour of the South of France such as Banyuls and Collioure) with my friend Joffrey (@joffrx), then met up with Adrien and Anna. As soon as I got back to Holland, I then hit the road the next day towards Prague (and I cannot wait to go back there!). I enjoyed the beer and food and the lovely people! Something that marked me for life (I guess in a positive way?) was the pit stop in Germany at the world’s renown Baden Baden, a nudist spa ahha with my prudish friend Kim. There I learned so much about the women’s body and self-image but I’ll reserve this topic for another post for another time!

Later in March, I headed back to Holland for work with a quick stop in Paris. My sister and I drove back to Eindhoven, NL to meet up with Joffrey such that we were back on the road again to Düsseldorf for you may guess… A bowl of Ramen and not even the rain or the distance could have stopped us from slurping the Shoyu based noodle soup. But I think many of you now are aware of my madness for this Japanese food staple (all over Instagram posts and follow #ramenscore).

In April, my youngest sister (@hey_lii_ly) visited the US and we were heading towards the Indio desert to attend the three day long Coachella festival where the music was great and camping there was so much fun! Later in the summer, my Dutchie CRAZY (underrated statement) friend Johan came to San Diego for 3 weeks where we hung out literally everyday together; we had a great time road trippin’ in Palm Springs and getting lost hiking & climbing at the beautiful and wild San Jacinto Park (read more on California Road Trips). Later, I went to France for summer vacation where it didn’t quite turn out as expected but instead I had yet another wonderful road trip with my family through the wine country Pays de La Loire all the way to the Atlantic coast of the soft sandy beach La Baule and the visit through La Guérande here.

In October, there was a work trip to South Korea (Seoul 2017 and there may be a Seoul 2018!!). A month later, I joined my friends Arash (@arashedalat and Masoud (@msh917) for a 4 day long road trip during the Thanksgiving holidays through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona accompanied by the cutie Grant (@grantfood). This trip is one of those many I’ll cherish for a long time (read more here)!! And the year ends with an impromptu trip to Dresden, Germany to meet up with someone I met on a plane ride from Detroit to Amsterdam and now a friend, Tom, with the local German cutie Mathias (@mtjs_mtrpltn) whom I am thankful for showing me around town and letting me stay over at his lovely apartment. And finally as the year reaches to an end, a few road trips around Paris/Rouen/Orléans, which I’ll write up about later (expect to read about vin chaud and glühwein haha).

On another note, there were new friendships made I wanted to make a mention of through Instagram; Jessica (@daarboven) I met in Eindhoven, Aissa (@chicpragmatist in Paris), Nicolas (@Topsy40) in Orléans , the American living in Paris Taler (@nomadicfille), and a few cool people I have yet to meet and looking forward to as the Italian Francesca (@francescab_giusti), the woman behind the podcast Chiffon Valérie Tribes (@valerietribes), Sophie Trem (@theotherartofliving) the founder of the good mood class, the Californian Kristina (@uniformlydressed) (hope you can make it to the wine safari when I get back to the States!!!), and the Brazilian Stephanie (@stephybueno) (will come by Lisbon for a visit!!) and perhaps many more of you too (shoot me a message)!! So we all have one of the many things in common and you guessed it… This is a (Life)Style blog after all, so there is definitely some notable scribbles on style as many of you enjoyed very much my Thoughts on Streamlined Style, and it’s Not That Complicated when it comes to building a basic wardrobe foundation; La MarinièreLa Petite Robe Noire, some Notes on Repetto Vs. Chanel Ballerina, The Gucci Loafers, the Perfect Bathing Suit, and being Effortlessly Cool with my fetish Ramen graphic Tee seen on all over my Instagram. Besides, I would like to later dedicate a post solely on dissecting my 2017 purchases. Curious to find out which items became my wardrobe staple?

On this blog, I also shared a couple of tips like How to Nail a Beach Date 1 & 2 or even What to Wear For A… Night Out, which I intended to start a series of but hey year 2018 shall give more opportunities for doing so (perhaps What To Wear For A NYE party, any other ideas?). And with all the traveling I described earlier, there was some packing tips too!!! Ma Valise d’éte and Unpacking or even the latest recent post on Things to Pack for a Winter Eurotrip 🙂 and do you recall the post Mindful Holiday which concerned how to stay in style while mindfully enjoying life fuss free. Meanwhile, I have been asked to share more tips on skincare, which I will surely update you guys on (think K-beauty!!!) but why not read on my Skincare from the French Pharmacie while patiently waiting…

And lastly, a couple of projects that began and hope to continue with diligence in 2018 regards the Parisian Chic ahhh. Have you read my take on this convoluted concept yet?! See below…

Parisian Chic

A as Attitude…

… and the travel maps with tips as Ways to Experience Paris Like a Local and I am planning on sharing more of my address from Amsterdam and much more!!! I am so looking forward to the new year! With these last notes, I am wishing you all a very happy new year 🙂 Let’s connect soon!






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