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Have you seen the Filippa K campaign #NotThatComplicated circulating around lately? Well, it didn’t pass unnoticed by me with a 20% discount, I couldn’t help myself with getting my hands on the sought after (at least to me it’s been coveted for a long time…) cropped navy trousers. Call it indulgence, impulsive, and irresponsible mindless shopping, but today I really feel no justifications nor a need for logical rational to explain this purchase as opposed to my thoughts and feelings spelled out/spilled out on this post here on being a mindful shopper and living life intensionally.

Being mindful lately isn’t easy task as I have gotten sick again. (Don’t I feel so lucky to just recover from a surgery and now getting ill again??! Come on, RESILIENCE!!!) I am scheduled to travel to Seoul, Korea (yeay!) for work very soon so there is no time to waste feeling low but to get better quickly. So going back to Filippa K’s campaign for helping you build a simple, versatile and long lasting wardrobe that makes dressing easy… How boring this is, isn’t it??!! This concept has completely turned me off after several years of religiously following (like a mouton (french for loser I guess) the style guidelines (capsule wardrobe, five piece french blah, and how to minima-gically find your personal style book and all the alike) anyone? Don’t get me wrong I am no hater and I’ll definitely thread more on this on this blog.

Ok, so to start I am no brand or label idolization by all means (perhaps with the exception of APC urgh again not feeling like rationalizing here, this is the chronic bitch mood taking over this blog!) but this campaign unlike any others appealed to me on a more poetical level. So get ready to be contaminated with some illogical thoughts… I think what I’ve longed for whenever I get dressed in the morning or picking garments to pack for a trip or getting dressy for a night out is that I must feel something; some cocktail of emotions I don’t really know perhaps something along with excitement, joy, being cool, and feeling a bit crazy and I think that is OK. Since when do we need to impose so much constraints on ourselves about the way we want to feel or even beyond as the way we want to be perceived. Because some media or someone you admire told you to wear xyz in an abc way to be decently dressed or dare I say dressed to be approved by some style guru. Just decently, and to be approved really?! I think that’s not good enough to me! Everyone should dress the best they can everyday even way they feel down (or ill like me) to feel and look awesome despite the view of others!!!

And so in recent years, blaming my cognitive bandwidth resulting in decision fatigues or even the blunt laziness or the lack of time, I treated clothes with bare logic (a simple algorithm computes if a garment to be purchased should pass or fail a test before gaining access to my wardrobe) and took an utilitarian approach on getting dressed as well as by being uniformed (Instagram is to me lately a great place of uniforming one’s mind when it comes to getting style inspiration so if one needs to cultivate an authentic singular style… Good luck!).

Filippa K 7 pieces

Ok so getting back to the campaign again, what appealed to me other than the 7 pieces proposed (logically) to build the capsule wardrobe (I won’t hate on it since I myself once upon a time owned one and one must begin with some basics somehow somewhen), is the aesthetics aspect of the clothes being worn poetically and putting these words together by the campaign stylist Colombine Smille really transported me into a space of new possibilities!

Style is confidence, constancy and playfulness. It may sound contradicting, but I believe you can be both consistent and playful within your style. 

Find your own essentials. It could be the perfect blazer but also a certain print or color combination that you like. Believe in what you are instantly drawn to, and stick to that.

If you can transform something into working differently from what is was originally meant for, that’s versatility.

For me, simplicity means letting something be the way it is.

I think confidence has to deal with having a consistent character (someone who is assertive perhaps), being emotionally stable (but someone who gets out of the comfort zone and isn’t afraid of taking risks), and having a happy relationship with oneself (granted not easy). Style can result from it and I agree that it shall be more playful. I also start to believe that there are things we are instinctively drawn to and that we should avoid wearing a visor to limit our choices for the logical sake of following someone’s style guide (as much as ridiculous this may sound, I am certain I am not the only one who has fell victim of uniformization of the style and the mindset). Being more creative with the way we style clothes indeed can help a lot with conscious shopping with care. I remember how I like to tie at the waist my bf shirt when on vacation, or tuck it in at work, or even wear it loose and unbuttoned over a simple white tank top with skinny blue jeans for play. And lastly, to let things be the way they are supposed to be… this is quite wise to state in my opinion because I trust that clothes (when designed with craftsmanship) are meant to aggregate and streamline seemingly to appeal naturally to the wearer and create one’s unique personal style and to me that is #NotThatComplicated and then… the navy cropped trousers there was 🙂


PS: I am pondering now whether being sick makes me more expressively controversial than usual hmm… Can you please let me know?!

Photos from Filippa K


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