My Paris Guide

Hello Fellow Traveler,

I created a Google My Maps about two years ago (never published it but only shared it privately with the American friends) as I was making frequent trips to Paris while visiting my family. I thought it was a convenient and efficient way to mark on such an interactive map the places and activities I loved doing alone or with friends. But it’s also a fantastic tool whenever planning my next visits (truth be told, this saved me a few times from having to answer my boyfriend ‘I don’t know’ when being asked where to get dinner at…).

And so I decided to share this with you my friends what’s in it but keep in mind that although the pins are pointed at mega tourristy hotspots, while in Paris it always feels really personal when I go around in the Velib by myself then later meeting up with my sister after she gets off from work and much later getting drinks with friends. Also, I noticed there was no night clubs or dancing bars or stand up comedy clubs on it. Note to self: add those!

If you click on the pull right button near the top left of the map, you’ll see that I divided the pins by colors into a few categories. I know it’s far from perfect but … meh. I will at some later time write reviews about some of my most favorite hangout spots with anecdotes as always to fill in the post with and may even add pictures on the map as well. So do not forget to subscribe by email to not miss it!

Also, if you have any questions or need few tips on planning your next visit, feel free to ask me anything by filling the form below :). And if you would like to hang out with me, that is totally possible. I love meeting up with people! I am heading to Amsterdam-(something)-Paris in the end of March. That “something” blank space may be Iceland or TBD haha

PS: I have a few other maps laying around in my Google thingy like a road trip tracing in Italy from 2015 that I should update since my last year road trip from Milan to Verona and passing by Borghetto. Also an old guide for Amsterdam & Copenhagen. I intend to create a few more as just last year alone since I have visited more than 30 cities so stay tuned. Let me know if any of these is helpful.  You will find them stored in the static menu on top of the blog under Travel – My Maps. Have a great day!