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My Maps page is where a traveler can find my collection of guides & tips. Everyone feels excitement and great anticipation of a coming trip but let’s face it. No one really enjoys the tedious part of planning. And trust me, me neither! (This must explain why I always do these last minutes booking or just no planning at all). Since we are investing time, energy, so much emotions and well also money, I am certain we’d prefer to avoid getting the tourist experience or that visitor feeling but rather look for a genuine travel experience rich in culture and getting that explorer feeling out of all of us.

I was fortunate enough to know or get to know people who are either locals and/or friends who live around the globe. I am infinitely grateful that each one of them was able to contribute in many ways in enriching my experience in traveling and giving away their favorite hang out spots, but not only: leaning a new language, teaching me a different way of life, offering me their views on anything ranging from history, politics, arts, and food. Haaaa food… my favorite! In my anticipation before hitting the road or catching a flight, I read travel blogs to not only look for some tips (I’m sure you must be doing the same) but also what the blogger experienced and learned. I enjoy this very much. And so I am humbly planning to gather all these tidbits in one single place with the hope that you’ll enjoy it too. And feel free to contribute 😉

My Paris Guide

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