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Ma Petite Robe Noire

Let’s have a sartorial talk today, would you mind? I’d like to dissertate on the iconic classic little black dress (LBD). In my opinion the LBD is not just a garment in a woman’s closet; it’s a concept that embodies the epitome of elegance (and sexy). It’s universal and there is one perfect for everyone hanging on the clothes rack in every boutiques around the world. No matter the situation, the season, the weather, the country, the lover (? Haha)… We all know the little black dress is there to rescue us from a disastrously irritating  known phenomenon of you know ‘I’ve got nothing to wear today!’ Everyone wears hers differently; short, backless, trimmed in lace, or even in a simple and forever elegant wrap dress version. The LBD may grant a multitude of style facets but remains our wardrobe’s best friend with the result of being sartorially on point effortlessly.

You can’t go wrong when you wear it. I wear mine without adornment with the aim to create a clean and sophisticated silhouette. In fact, I consider ma petite robe noir like a blank convas on which I can have fun by creating different looks by paring it with for example… (having my mind focus on summer days only ahhh, let’s skip spring shall we?! And huh apparently this girl who is writing this is totally sicken by this insane cold weather) So, I was going to pair my dress with a crisp panama hat, a pair of simple flat sandals, and tote around a straw basket bag and fill it in with beach worthy items. I am thinking all haste already of leisuring my day at the beach with my ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie’ bikini underneath. Go for a nice swim, get on a relaxing tanning program, then as the sun sets, I’ll remove the swimwear and wear the dress only with a paring black pump and a small evening clutch for a romantic date. Ouh la la… Primary objective: SEDUCTION! By choosing mine short with a semi fitted cut accentuating the curves but also having mastered my favorite French seductive game of reveal/conceal styling approach, I can only score bonus points with the beau on flattering impressions 😉 The secret to this essential look is accomplished by simplicity, simplicity, and simplicity.. Plus a healthy dose of elegance evidently!

My LBD on a romantic date// Repetto ballet// APC clutch

It took me a few years to come across what I believe to be the most sartorially speaking classic, understated, elegant and perceptible to me this dress chouchou. I blame the pickiness for perfection seeking and oh boy I learned that I was on a devious path. To my way of thinking, imperfection has never been more beautiful, creative, and authentic and also I now know that good enough is the enemy of perfection so learning to let go was the best thing that has ever happened to me. So… we are still talking about the dress, right. I must admit that I have a little penchant for less known designers like the California-based designer Raquel Allegra. Her collections are a symphony of laid back, effortless pieces that perfectly distill the essence of California bohemian ease. She incredibly managed to design this dress that admirably reflects me as a Frenchie living in SoCal fixating on constructing a signature carefree undone ease with a hint of Parisian chic look.

To further detail, I am completely enthralled by the imperfections produced by the frayed detailing parts of the shift dress which makes the all time classic less serious and far more effortless. And have I mentioned how exceptionally soft the fabric felt on my skin: composed of fluid blend of linen and tencel which is ideal for breezing through the dog’s days to come (hopefully soon!). Bonus points for the two side seam pockets and placing the hands inside to immediately augment the level of chicness obviously whenever posing. The neckline is wide just enough to peek at the collar bones, meaning more skin revealed in a subtly sexy way and lastly (I promise) the final touch of uniqueness is found on the sleeves’ frayed edges. So you get that I am a little gaga about this dress after throwing three lengthy paragraphs haha. But that’s what happens when a blog post begins with ‘let’s have a sartorial talk’. Alas I must switch my time to doing homework now! Let’s catch up later and please let me know what topic you would be interested to read next time. Have a wonderful week! Bise. Sovannary





  1. LL

    My search for the LBD has been on-and-off, unsuccessful, and exhaustive over the past few years. I haven’t found the right one and don’t own one yet (other than a very casual jersey version that would not do for most evening or professional functions)! The search continues.

    This cut of dress looks like it works well for you! I look forward to more posts from you (and welcome back to blogging)


    1. Sovannary

      Hi There! I’m so sorry to hear this. I feel you and it took me lots of patience to find mine. Since you are describing a more formal version of an LBD, may I suggest you a black dress I already own in my closet and only wore in once (at my Engineering graduation ceremony). Due to its formal nature (not completely fitting my lifestyle anymore) I was thinking of selling it. It is from Theory 🙂 But also there, I find all my classics (I own lots of soft tee’s & shirts), suits for professional wear/interviews, as well as timeless dresses and pencil skirts here.

      In any case, I wish you best of luck in your search but I am certain when the time comes you will find and be delighted with your sought after impeccable LBD. Cheers! Sovannary


  2. Pret a Porter P

    That is pretty and chic on you. The Long BD is more of a staple in my closet, but I have one midi LBD that I wear with thigh high boots once in a blue moon. It’s long enough that you can’t see where the boots begin.


    1. Sovannary

      Hi there! Thank you very much for your sweet comment 🙂 Indeed a black dress short or long or in any form is simply so versatile and saves us for any occasions. A no brainer! Now that you mention a longer version, I’d love to go on the look out for one that may be a wrap dress that goes below the knee for a more cocktail party like dress or evening dress. Let me know how you wear yours 😉


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