Life Lately in San Diego

A couple of weeks ago, my Frenchie friend Adrien was visiting San Diego from Holland. As I picked him up from work that friday, we were clueless on how to proceed with the rest of the day and night. Happy hour drinks was our only certainty haha. But while I was driving we were heading towards La Jolla Beach to watch the sunset, smell the ocean, and get out feet wet. Life here is always impromptu that way… And so my thinking goes to how fashion and clothes should support my various lifestyle demands. Evidently I wore my Chanel flats (now full of sand and smell like salt water hmmm) and my straw tote which I plan to wear all year around and got so many compliments for its originality (can be cool to stand out once in a while!). I pulled out my new green jumper from Seoul which kept me warm during our beach walk and paired it with my casual blue jeans from my trusted Los Angeles label AG jeans. So not quite the typical beach attire but we then had better plans…

We then rushed to La Jolla Cove where we chilled out with the seals lying on the beach shores (I love the wildlife at my finger tips like this!!!). We headed to a beachfront Mexican bar and had some margaritas paired with SO much nachos (food proportions in the US, needless to comment here). Then I recalled we needed to hurry and catch a movie with another friend, but Arash eventually joined us (margaritas can entice anyone anytime anyways to come) so we all ditched out on the movies. C’est la vie!

Later that night we went to my fav part of the town in San Diego to hang out in North Park, which has one of the nation’s highest ‘hipness’ index (proof here, evidently Silver Lake in LA is #1). It comes to no surprise why North Park is elected among the most hipster place in the US aside from sighting a high amount of skinny jeans wearers believers in Indies; it’s walk-able, has a high concentration of neighborhood coffee shops, has a large assortment of local food trucks, has a high frequency of Farmer’s Markets, has a long list of selection of locally owned bars and cool restaurants, as well as tons of microbreweries for beer fanatics, and has a high density of residents whose occupations lie in art. Since I cannot stand to dress up too preppy for a night out, it’s the perfect area to party for moi especially with my frayed hems jeans and a low key sweater! I took Adrien to one of my favorite whisky bars called Seven Grand where we get to listen to live music and dance then proceeded with a local quick bar hopping at the North Park Beer Co where I bumped into other friends (small town huh?). Then suddenly a grumpy stomach was felt so we had some street food tacos in front of Ranchos Cocina. Down the street there was Office, a club for some outrageously loud DJ music and our night ended on the dance floor wild and crazy. And I didn’t break anyone’s leg haha (not even Adrien’s anymore). What a fun Friday night! That helped a tiny bit with the jet lag too haha

So my friends, if you ever get a chance to visit California, come hang out in San Diego because I promise you life is beautiful and most importantly so fun here!!!


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