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La Marinière

La marinière ahhhh the enduring power of the effortlessly chic French-girl style that never ceases to amaze the world. Really?! No more cliché gaaah the web doesn’t need anymore. Who still writes that?! Sorry, so let’s start over…

To me, what I enjoy the most about wearing this quintessential striped pullover lies in the good ole memories of my trips to Bretagne (eating lots of galettes) or along the Pays de la Loire and hang out by the seaside and eat a bunch of sablés. Hello to a reminiscence of Chanel in Deauville inspired by les Marins’ uniforms who made the marinière so coveted. There are Breton tops everywhere at the market and crochet bags in la Guérande (even my mom got hers during our vacation both the stripes and tote bag haha).  How to be like a tourist, ask my mom lol.

Sezane Perfecto//APC Mariniere//AG jeans//Repetto Ballet

Besides that sentiment attached to the piece of striped clothes, styling this top is so easy. Can anyone ever get it wrong?! It looks good on everyone believe me. (Check it out here and judge for yourself from Louise’s Tumblr). I reached to mine literally every week where I wear it with blue jeans and a blazer or a cropped trousers. I sometimes paired it with my black leather skirt for a night out or just with blue jeans, some heels and under my beloved perfecto perfect casual for a first date à la Parisienne. A very chic combination formula I’ve used for a long while and always works! And when I travel I wear it under my trench and seemed to fall asleep in it on my way to Budapest… (Do you too take pictures of your friends and send them to mock them. Well this time, I lost grrrr!!!)

I used to get my marinière from Saint James that is very soft and prefer the oversized shape but seems to shrink overtime. Petit Bateau striped tops are well made but the cut never fit my long upper body so they become an unintended cropped style top that I dislike. Lastly, I have made a small collection of APC striped tops that retain the shape well with a perfect cut and lovely details like the side slits and the bateau neck. Where do you shop for your marinière? How do you style it? Do you wear it as often as I do?


PS: Just came back from my road trip with loads of adventures and stories to share with you so stay tuned. I have yet to book my flight to Europe and before that a trip to Mammoth shall be coming up as well. So excited! Where do you guys plan on spending the end year holiday break?



  1. nomadicfille

    This post is really funny, especially about your friends lol. I’ve moved away from the classic blanc/marine stripe combination. I really like either the ivory/black stripe (like my one from Uniqlo, with red accents on the side) or ivory/red stripe. I wear mine very often, with work pants, with my pleated metallic skirt, I usually buy mine from Uniqlo when they are available but I’ve always wanted to try the versions from Petit Bateau.


  2. Sovannary

    Hey dear, thanks for commenting!! I’d love to try the ivory/red stripes too but have yet to find the right shades and fit. Can we email APC? I wear mine with everything but would love to wear it with metallic skirt too. That seems to be a great night out outfit! Haven’t tried Uniqlo due to skepticism with quality so I stick to APC for now. Writing this while wearing my mariniere haha


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