How To Nail a Beach Date (Part 1)

First and most obviously pick a beach. Since I live in San Diego, the beach I recommend going to are La Jolla (lots of families and students), Del Mar (considered uptown), Pacific Beach (super chill & lots of hot surfers), Mission Beach (also chill but can play Beach Volleyball and lots of nice rooftop bars overlooking at the sunset is so romantic), Ocean Beach (super hipster vibe), Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside (these three are part of  San Diego North County where you can see blue whales migrating from June to September and grey whales from December to April), and Torrey Pines (which has beautiful trails leading to the beach and a bonus is a nude beach nearby ;)). So I went to Pacific Beach (or PB as locals like to call it) since my date lives only a couple of blocks away from the water…

Pacific Beach, California

Pick a day and time and try to be on time (Why am I even stating the obvious??! Well, I was 3 hours late so… yes I know how terrible that is. I’m not a role model in any case here). If I had to chose two enemies to combat it’ll be Punctuality & Procrastination… But I dare to challenge myself!!! Enough said, let’s get to a more interesting topic today:

Now, here is my top 10 packing list (well top 5 as a first part of this series) to guarantee a fun date without too much sweat…

APC la liste Tunisienne Fouta

Fouta from Tunisia… Originally used as a towel in the hammams (sauna) and it is also used today as a shawl, a wrap for the pool, beach, and park, a throw on a chair, or as a tablecloth, the fouta is a chic lifestyle essential. It comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, and is multifaceted. Mine comes from from APC but I also recommend this wonderful place here where it’s ethically made and gives that breezy vibe of a Mediterranean air. It’s light to pack and to carry around. Make sure to only bring one! Why you may ask? Because you’ll want to share it to get closer to your lovely date, trust me 😉


High Performance Swimwear. Ah this is tricky! First and foremost, make sure it’s functional and enduring. No one wants to experience a wardrobe malfunction on a first date! Trust me on this one! I still have some sour taste in my mouth with awful flashbacks about those times (yeah believe me or not, it happened more than once… thanks to trying too hard to appear glam urgh! Lessons learned the hard way!) So those times from diving into the lake and the delicate spaghetti straps fail you. Can’t trust them!!! Or when the waves hit you so fiercely that your cutie precious bikini decided to go on a solo trip leaving you behind by the shores. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Don’t lie!!! So yeah a rather traumatic experience and now I suggest a label that speaks to both aesthetics and function. Luckily, I came across this lovely minimalist design called Her the label. It’s Australian and for some reasons, they seem to be pretty awesome at designing swimwear maybe they had surfers in mind during the design conception. Who knows? A bonus I like is that the fabric provides sun protection. I also see similar designs coming up like Matteau swim or even Araks.

Picnic Basket

Cute Picnic Basket to store the essentials. I like a small version as it’s super cute and it also elegantly carries the flair of minimalism. Only bring the most essential items and nothing more. I got mine years ago before its burst of popularity from the farmer’s market where it came in with the delightful picnic set for 2; that included a wooden cutting board, a cheese knife, and plates & utensils in a recyclable wood, as well as two Mason jars, and colorful towel napkins as well as some paper straws. (Who knew I was going for the Zero Waste movement!!?) Make sure to grab yours from one of my favorite labels called Kayu.

K.Jacques Sandals

Flat Leather Sandals in natural tan from K.Jacques St. Tropez because I like to feel that Mediterranean vibe even if I am by the Pacific Ocean. These little spartiates (gladiator sandals) have made in my packing list for the last five summers and most likely more to come. Simple, high quality leather and craftsmanship, timeless aesthetics, and comfort…  Is there any reason to not own a pair this summer? Other Tropeziennes sandals like the ones from Rondini also work just fine.

Clarins Sunscreen

Easy to Apply Sun Protection. I like to use an oil spray like this one from Clarins. This product promotes a rich, healthy-looking tan. Formulated with organic Indonesian Nyamplung Oil, it protects skin and hair from the drying effects of sun, salt water and chlorine. Senna extract defends from UV damage provided by SPF 30. Aloe Vera soothes and softens. But make sure to not go too banana about the SPF level. The higher SPF number does not mean the better sun rays protection. Read for yourself here. According to skin cancer experts, it occurs that an optimal UV radiation blockage of nearly 97% is found between SPF 30 and SPF 50.

So there you have my top 5 things to bring and nail down a fun beach date. Remember to get sun protection, stay hydrated, and bring loads of fun (you) at the beach date! Stay classy and don’t forget to check back for the follow up post part 2. Have a great week!


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