Effortlessly Cool Tee

The graphic Tees made a forceful come back in fashion as it is a cheap and an effective way of communicating succinct modes of expression in an accelerated image-driven culture (Thank you Instagram!).

We live in a mass communication information age where many young people have a short attention span and an identity crisis. A printed tee is a quick, sure-fire way to communicate and express your identity

– Excerpt from The Return of the Graphic T-Shirt on Business Of Fashion.

I remember when I was in college, before the graphic tee is seen on all the fashionistas of street style (and Instagram!!!), I used to wear them way too often as a way to show affiliation with a club or a college (very American sub-culture) or loyalty to a favorite music band, and had collected many piles even after I graduated from all the volunteering events to gifts from my company’s events. But it never occurred to me until recently how effortlessly cool and versatile such a simple piece of cotton with prints on it can be worn to create a multitude of styles (and a fun way of self-expression) fitting a variety of occasions. And now the dilemma of what to wear for casual fridays at work is solved! We even compete on who’s the coolest with the colleagues… Camille Rowe is the inspiration here!

But before talking about style, I wanted to share with you a side of me that is a bit fetishist if you haven’t quite realized yet regarding RAMEN… Haaa just typing this down makes me swoon already! You see, I am a self-proclaimed Ramen queen!!! Yasss I breathe ramen… check out my Instagram #ramenscore to find out my hotspots and reviews (really tempted to make a ramen blog worthy hmm). I am planning on going to Japan just to make a worthy Ramen world tour. And now I wear Ramen… my latest graphic Tee addition to the large family.

But how to rock it? My props here from conservative to more daring, ready?

  1. Make it sharp and polish with a black blazer and jeans
  2. Going for a jog, with leggings or running shorts
  3. Feeling under the weather, wear it with a trench and a straight leg trousers
  4. Beach cover up
  5. Night out with the girls, tuck it in a mini leather skirt
  6. Running errands, pair it with a denim skirt and a straw basket
  7. Going to a summer festival, tie it over a dress like here
  8. A romantic date, wear it under a perfecto paired with heels
  9. Visiting Japan in the winter (moi), wear it over a sweater and white jeans
  10. Any other ideas guys??!



PS: I am preparing my Toastmasters’ next speech on Ramen so I am so excited to work on it. Meanwhile I am going to see Phantoms tonight which should be a fun night out. Do you too like electronic music?

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