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DIY Costume: The Unicorn

Hi everyone! A few of you expressed interest in the topic of Halloween party over the weekend and the DIY costume I created, so here it is… Swapping from my usual morbid gothic character (Black Swan died … her black tutu caught on fire at the last year’s Halloween party. Thanks to the smoking folks so won’t be able to recycle that outfit this year), to a happier colorful costume. This year I became the legendary unicorn!!!

The unicorn is a wonderful wild fictional character so I had a blast playing with this eccentric fierce creature. As the symbol of Scotland, the unicorn was chosen because it was a proud and haughty beast who’d rather die than being captured similar to the Scots who would fight to remain sovereign and unconquered. This notion suited me so I went for creating the costume…

This DIY project (in honesty a last minute costume) took about an hour to complete and I was rather content with the results. Have a look!

All I needed was a headband that I already own and wrapped it with a sliver rope (or can be ordered on Amazon here), some silver ropes, sparkle paper in silver, white shiny felt sheet, hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, poly-fill stuffing or shredded paper, many gift wrap strips in various colors and netting fabrics in yellow and pink. The budget was less than $50. I printed out this template here then started the cut outs on the felt sheet as well as the metallic paper for the inner ears. I followed the instructions from this blog post here called Life is Made then attached the strings of colors on each side of the horn between each ear to personalize it as well as I tied the pink netting fabric on the back with a pink string. It’s that simple!

However makeup-wise, I am still a sucker at it…(sniff). I tried putting on some glitters around the eye lids, that ended up smearing all over my face and clothes, then suddenly the entire bathroom floor sparkled. I am such a desperate case when it comes to makeup. I cannot wait to see Adri from Chanel in Holland to get her to help me. But until then have a good rest of the weekend everyone!



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