Dear Old Friend

Vidocq, I have the regret of losing you. I am sorry I could not be there by your side when you took your last breath and I am just in vain hoping you didn’t feel any pain before shutting down your eyes and saying goodbye to all of us.

I wanted to tell you this… I am forever grateful to have crossed your path. You have been chosen by my sisters at the shelter because somehow they knew you were very special, that you deserved a better chance at life, and that you would enhance ours as well. I hope you enjoyed hanging out with us for the past 9 years. I remember you were 4 years old then and full of life with so much to offer. We never needed to train you or teach you any tricks for you knew them all already. You were just so smart but not only. You had this emotional intelligence I have never seen in anyone (humans included, trust me!) in my life. You had that superhero power where you knew how to adapt to any situations and made the world a far better place between being the best guard dog in your workforce and being the best pal we’ve ever had.

You were so kind, so cheerful and so loyal (not only to us your sisters, but to your bratty little bro Pickchu). You saved him countless time from sticky situations and even got yourself in trouble for rescuing him. I wouldn’t know anyone like this who doesn’t think twice in sacrificing oneself the way you did it. I still recall that day when he went away on his typical ‘independent walk’ and I know you would never be a rebel like him for the fear of making us worry about you which mom is thankful for that I believe. But there you were, this little guy came back home after few hours, barking outside the front door but mom could not hear him. She was probably upstairs busy with whatever she was doing then and mindlessly not paying attention to his cry out. As soon as you heard him needing help to get in, you got yourself into the house knowingly you were not allowed into the living room (and sorry for that as you were so big and mom is a bit of a freak about cleanliness and things being misplaced). Reminding everyone of your clumsiness, how many time mom’s precious rose garden got destroyed haha 😉

So you managed to sneak in and hurried by the stairs trying to reach mom. After making her upset for being out of place, you were able to make her get the door for your little buddy. Sweet gesture as he was dying of thirst so indeed you saved him (yeah I know you came to his rescue more than once and never got a thanks from him). He’s just a little trouble maker like that since he was little but you knew how to gently cope him his bad temper and annoying habits like stealing your food, or hiding your ball, or being envious for not being able to play fetch with us…

I also wanted to add that you were a role model. You knew how to greet our guests and made everyone smile from small kids to old adults on the contrary to Pickchu, he just growls at everyone just because. You could balance gentleness and strength too. I heard you broke the stainless steel chains a few times during your patrols to get to the gate as fast as possible whenever intruders appear. You were fearless weren’t you? You were a hard worker and never complained about it. In the opposite you were always looking forward to be with dad and made him proud. I remembered he was concerned that you would not be able to become the guard dog he was hoping for but you proved him wrong. It’s probably in your instinct and you knew when to tune this aggressive behavior on and off in appropriate situations as opposed to our new guy J.I. who is aggressive all the time which isn’t fun.

Speaking of fun, you knew how to accompany me into being my complice. Recall last summer the water slide I created in the backyard! You and I were jumping and sliding all afternoon into the soapy water that you would drink from… silly you! And then you got mom jumping to the roof with your splashing soapy paws all over the house hahahah. That was a hell of a lof of fun! I would never forget that day 🙂

All that I wanted to say is that you were the best friend anyone could hope for and I miss you so much. Rest in peace buddy!

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