CRSSD Fest 2017

The end of summer in San Diego is marked by one event; the CRSSD music festival taking place at the beautiful landscape of the Waterfront park. Between the skyscrapers, the sea, the boats, lots of palm trees, the water fountains, the perfect weather and great music mix of house x techno, I’ll admit that life here isn’t so bad. (Come visit me!!!)

For this festival, I was honestly struggling to dress myself this time and I cannot understand why I felt stressed over these kind of first world problems. Don’t I have more important things to worry about?! And like at Coachella, I didn’t wish to throw more cash on this type of outings seeing that ticket prices are already skyrocketing high (out of budget for Ultra Miami 2018 already Urgh!!!) and so what did I end up wearing?

Some pointers perhaps: Nothing sleeveless because of the skin condition I developed post surgery so avoiding (over) sun exposure was highly recommended by my dermatologist and no bare foot sandals with the risk of loosing a toe when everyone is wild (or drunk) and dancing. So what is left to choose from??

I opted for something different this time unlike at Coachella see here. I tried to remain creative by shopping my own closet; I coordinated an outfit with my mom’s olive dress (I love that dress SO MUCH I would wear it everyday if I could!!) paired with my new kicks from Veja and a playful hearts printed on boobs Tee from Elise Chalmin tied up at my waist. Got many many likes at the festival! And now the fun in styling begins with accessorizing: for headwear I wore a Madewell bandana, for the eyes styling+protection+shamelessly (but privately) checking out the hotties, I wore my mirror lenses pink shade sunglasses from Anthropology, and on the shoulder I carried my favorite suede fringe bag from Maje.

I think it’s a nice mix of being casual and comfy and somewhat unique. What are your thoughts? Do you have a go to outfit for music festivals? Hope you had a great weekend and now living you with some random photos taken during the festival. I had a great time listening to Lane8, Dixon, Rufus Du Sol, and Phantoms while hanging out with these two hilarious guys Arash & Masoud!!!



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