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Thoughts on Dating An American Like You

Dear Cutie,

After recently getting back from what I believe to be one of the most incredible, wild, fun, and memorable road trips I’ve ever taken so far to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona visiting sights like the Vegas’ strip and the impressive Hoover Dam, hiking the Angel’s landing of Zion Park and visiting the breath taking lower & the adventurous upper Antelope Canyons, as well as a stop and climb on rocks at the stunning Horse Shoe Bend, I am delighted to share with you (and my dear readers & friends) my thoughts on dating an american guy (like you), a topic that has been feeding countless debates for lots of conversations I’ve had with my fellow French expats. Continue Reading “Thoughts on Dating An American Like You”

Life Lately in San Diego

A couple of weeks ago, my Frenchie friend Adrien was visiting San Diego from Holland. As I picked him up from work that friday, we were clueless on how to proceed with the rest of the day and night. Happy hour drinks was our only certainty haha. But while I was driving we were heading towards La Jolla Beach to watch the sunset, smell the ocean, and get out feet wet. Life here is always impromptu that way… And so my thinking goes to how fashion and clothes should support my various lifestyle demands. Evidently I wore my Chanel flats (now full of sand and smell like salt water hmmm) and my straw tote which I plan to wear all year around and got so many compliments for its originality (can be cool to stand out once in a while!). I pulled out my new green jumper from Seoul which kept me warm during our beach walk and paired it with my casual blue jeans from my trusted Los Angeles label AG jeans. So not quite the typical beach attire but we then had better plans…

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DIY Costume: The Unicorn

Hi everyone! A few of you expressed interest in the topic of Halloween party over the weekend and the DIY costume I created, so here it is… Swapping from my usual morbid gothic character (Black Swan died … her black tutu caught on fire at the last year’s Halloween party. Thanks to the smoking folks so won’t be able to recycle that outfit this year), to a happier colorful costume. This year I became the legendary unicorn!!!

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Thoughts on Resilience

WARNING: Be aware as what you are about to read is a serious (rather lengthy) post, thus it is extremely recommended to take some breaks in between accompanied by a glass of wine or beer or tea or whatever you like. Consider yourself being warned 🙂

So why resilience? Don’t we need to learn to not only survive but thrive in this environment?

I hope after reading this post that it will be in any ways helpful to you when dealing with stress and how to overcome life obstacles. This post tries to define resilience, improve your awareness of stress and have the ability to manage it effectively. I hope to identify the components of resilience and recognize our inherent potential to recover and grow following setbacks. With this lengthy post (go grab some drinks!!), I hope to share strategies and let you partake on my recent experience in building resilience so as to be able to apply these in your own personal life.

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California Road Trips

A few weeks ago a ‘crazy’ friend from Holland was visiting San Diego for 3 weeks. We seemingly partied every day (my liver began to fail!!!). Summers in here can be a hell lot of fun between pool parties & BBQs, playing beach volley ball with the hotties, eating at the Farmer’s market (now our thursday’s ritual), making bonfires, night (drunk) biking in Pacific beach, clubbing in downtown, bar & brewery hoping (we love our IPAs but Euro guys just hate it I know), go karting, hanging out in arcades, I mean the list goes on but one of my ultimate fav things to do in California is definitely… a road trip.

I’ve been to Palm Springs many times before (for instance read here on Coachella) but this time we drove to different sites. We cruised through Pine Valley then visited this colorful site called the Salvation Mountain, a man made hill out of paint and cement in honor of God. We then continued our journey along the sight of the beautiful Sultan Sea to later visit Mount San Jacinto, a wilderness park. Temperature was skyrocking high (45°C) so I was glad to wear my wide brim boater from Lack of Colors.

The park was 10834 feet high (3302 m) in altitude so we took the tram that rotates on itself and uniquely allows visitors to get a 360 degrees panoramic view of the wild while going up to the mountain. We hiked, jumped, climbed rocks, (intentionally) got lost a few times, took naps on giant rocks, drank a lot (wait why do I start to sound like a drunkard hmm??!), and star gazed at night. The view over Palm Springs was phenomenally beautiful. Later that night as we finally came down to get our rental truck (and about rentals as Johan said, ‘Don’t be gentle. It’s only a rental!’ He has plenty of impertinent phrases like that and drove it without much care indeed. Remember I mentioned he was crazy…), we had an improvised Bachata dancing in the middle of nowhere with his Columbian friend.

Have I mentioned to you guys that I’ve been learning Bachata for a few months now? Well, now that you are informed my friends, the idea behind was that I had to do this since I last broke this French guy’s ankle on the dance floor the last time we danced at this latino club in Barcelona on New Year’s Eve and I solely blamed the tequila! Adrien is forever mad at me but I know he will trust my dancing next time with my new skills (I hope!). In either case, I am so looking forward to my Euro trip next week and can’t wait to see/meet some of you guys there. Let me know how your summer is going so far. Many beaches & bikinis, (perhaps lots of drinks like me too?!). Comment below 😉

Vive l’Amour

Hi everyone! I am euphoric to write my first post here.

Are you celebrating love this month? I am hearing yes? Ok, so today let’s talk about l’amour ahhh. But firstly, what is love? Does anyone know? Please don’t laugh I’m serious… because I was asked this philosophical-hard-to-answer-question the other day. And here was my attempted answer well… love is when Arjen cares for me when I don’t feel well (also when I feel well hmm anywho). My friend surprised by my unexpected response replied… that’s what any good friends would do and then proceeded with another question: then what is the difference between a friend and a lover? Hmmm I started scratching my head and got my mind a bit fuzzy and I blame the margaritas. When a situation like this arises there is really only one smart thing to do…. Continue Reading “Vive l’Amour”