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How to Suck at Finding a Sartorial-Self (Part 2)

More scribbles on my relationship with clothes today and if you haven’t read the previous part yet, it’s here:

So let’s dive into the influence of culture and travel on defining our personal style and how we build our wardrobe. From my experience, travel purchases (often on impulse) are the most successful ones because they are unexpected findings and there is a sense of reminiscence of good memories associated with them as well as a story to tell. Care to know my recount on my last buys from France and South Korea?  (Get ready, here comes another lengthy post… but more visuals this time) Continue Reading “How to Suck at Finding a Sartorial-Self (Part 2)”

Thoughts on Streamlined Style

To me trends are like white noise in my life. They don’t always fit in my personal mission and are a mere distraction. Do you like me feel constantly bombarded by the media pressuring you to click and buy, dress and look like the best try-hard copy paste version of the It girls, internet influencers, and trendy Instagrammers. Can it get any more mainstream than this?! (new word learned from the lovely Kristina of @uniformlydressed, thanks for the conversation!) I declare the beginning of the end of personal style! White noise in fashion describes a meaningless commotion or is a chatter that masks or obliterates underlying content. White noise alienates me to want things I do not need and to consume mindlessly more such that I am now forced to assess my own reaction against what it means to be a modern woman. Please help! Continue Reading “Thoughts on Streamlined Style”

Happy Women’s Day!

Let’s celebrate together!

I am not a self-proclaimed feminist, but I am glad and proud to admit a few things with you which include:

A call for action through the International Women’s Day site: Today and Everyday… #BeBoldForChange and …

  • I’ll challenge bias and inequality
    • challenge stereotypes
    • call it out when women are excluded
    • monitor the gender pay gap
    • point out bias and highlight alternatives
    • embrace inclusive leadership
    • redefine the status quo
  • I’ll forge women’s advancement
    • decide to buy from companies that support women
    • choose to work for a progressive employer for women
    • take a junior female colleague to a major meeting or event
    • build conducive, flexible work environments
    • mentor a woman and sponsor her goals
    • invite women into situations where they’re not already present or contributing
    • measure and report on gender parity gaps and keep gender on the agenda
    • create new opportunities for women
  • I’ll celebrate women’s achievement
    • drive fairer recognition and credit for women’s contributions
    • hail the success of women leaders
    • applaud social, economic, cultural and political women role models
    • celebrate women’s journeys and the barriers overcome
    • reinforce and support women’s triumphs
  • I’ll champion women’s education
    • encourage more girls into STEM education and careers
    • value diversity for greater educational outcomes
    • support women inventors of new products and services
    • celebrate women researchers discovering new knowledge
    • learn to code!!!

Continue Reading “Happy Women’s Day!”

Vive l’Amour

Hi everyone! I am euphoric to write my first post here.

Are you celebrating love this month? I am hearing yes? Ok, so today let’s talk about l’amour ahhh. But firstly, what is love? Does anyone know? Please don’t laugh I’m serious… because I was asked this philosophical-hard-to-answer-question the other day. And here was my attempted answer well… love is when Arjen cares for me when I don’t feel well (also when I feel well hmm anywho). My friend surprised by my unexpected response replied… that’s what any good friends would do and then proceeded with another question: then what is the difference between a friend and a lover? Hmmm I started scratching my head and got my mind a bit fuzzy and I blame the margaritas. When a situation like this arises there is really only one smart thing to do…. Continue Reading “Vive l’Amour”