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Effortlessly Cool

The graphic Tees made a forceful come back in fashion as it is a cheap and an effective way of communicating succinct modes of expression in an accelerated image-driven culture (Thank you Instagram!).

We live in a mass communication information age where many young people have a short attention span and an identity crisis. A printed tee is a quick, sure-fire way to communicate and express your identity

– Excerpt from The Return of the Graphic T-Shirt on Business Of Fashion.

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Life Lately in San Diego

A couple of weeks ago, my Frenchie friend Adrien was visiting San Diego from Holland. As I picked him up from work that friday, we were clueless on how to proceed with the rest of the day and night. Happy hour drinks was our only certainty haha. But while I was driving we were heading towards La Jolla Beach to watch the sunset, smell the ocean, and get out feet wet. Life here is always impromptu that way… And so my thinking goes to how fashion and clothes should support my various lifestyle demands. Evidently I wore my Chanel flats (now full of sand and smell like salt water hmmm) and my straw tote which I plan to wear all year around and got so many compliments for its originality (can be cool to stand out once in a while!). I pulled out my new green jumper from Seoul which kept me warm during our beach walk and paired it with my casual blue jeans from my trusted Los Angeles label AG jeans. So not quite the typical beach attire but we then had better plans…

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How To Nail a Beach Date (Part 1)

First and most obviously pick a beach. Since I live in San Diego, the beach I recommend going to are La Jolla (lots of families and students), Del Mar (considered uptown), Pacific Beach (super chill & lots of hot surfers), Mission Beach (also chill but can play Beach Volleyball and lots of nice rooftop bars overlooking at the sunset is so romantic), Ocean Beach (super hipster vibe), Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside (these three are part of  San Diego North County where you can see blue whales migrating from June to September and grey whales from December to April), and Torrey Pines (which has beautiful trails leading to the beach and a bonus is a nude beach nearby ;)). So I went to Pacific Beach (or PB as locals like to call it) since my date lives only a couple of blocks away from the water…

Pacific Beach, California

Pick a day and time and try to be on time (Why am I even stating the obvious??! Well, I was 3 hours late so… yes I know how terrible that is. I’m not a role model in any case here). If I had to chose two enemies to combat it’ll be Punctuality & Procrastination… But I dare to challenge myself!!! Enough said, let’s get to a more interesting topic today:

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Coachella 2017

Hello Everyone! It’s been a crazy beginning of the month here from having to recover from the Euro trip jet lag (this usually never happens to me but it did) then Coachella happened… and we survived!!!

I had so much FUN and may want to live this crazy experience again in the coming years. I made some minimal preparation when it came to Coachella outfits/style as you can see from below collage at home. Truth be told was that I didn’t want/need to spend money on buying new clothes just for the sake of fitting into this event so I brought out whatever was already in my closet and tried to mix and match with some sensibly paired accessories. When I spoke with some gals from around the country at the camp site, they too felt that Coachella people were way way overdressed and that fashion manifested as a main stage in itself apart from going to see one’s favorite artists. The pressure to look great was certainly felt by me too but you know (shrugging my shoulders) I just wanted to go party and have fun, which was my main focus there.

Maje M bag, Caroll ethnic printed blouse, Theory shorts, Castaner espadrilles, Rag & Bone panama hat, Sezane denim jacket, Sezane La femme Tee, Sessun skirt, Isabel Marant dicker boots, Xirena romper
A printed romper from my 2015 Barcelona trip, Sezane denim jacket, Maje M bag, Isabel Marant boots, APC navy cardigan, Gerard Darel white peasant blouse, Sezanne La femme tee, Sessun skirt, K.Jacques tan flat sandals.

Feeling comfortable was essential to me as the heat was raised up to 30C + during the day while night time switched to a super chilly and windy environment so I wanted to be able to confront this extremely dry Palm Spring desert weather but also tried to incorporate some chic and fun elements to my simple outfits. Here were my ensembles 🙂

Outfits dissection includes: My beloved Isabel Marant brown ankle boots was a life saver for comfort and style and safety (I don’t know about you guys but I always fear to get stepped on during the dance party). I wore most of the items I prepared for except the lovely Sezane denim jacket was too heavy weight to tie around my waist walking  around during the day so I didn’t get to wear it unfortunately and I also did not get to wear my mom’s pick of the beloved Caroll blue printed blouse. Too hot for dark long sleeves top 🙁 Last note, the black Xirena romper was worn during the camp site day but not shown. It was a smart way to dress in that for a quick free style outdoor shower (the shower site was way too far and way too long line) by wearing a bikini under. Life made easier 🙂 The Maje bag was a great on sale purchase and was exactly what I have been looking for so great timing. I typically don’t carry a handbag around but in this situation, it revealed to be handy and quite stylish. The bandanas from Madewell were so versatile and chic so very pleased with these adds. Wore my Aurelie Bidermann red bracelets added a dose of chic to any outfits! My white light cotton peasant blouse from Gerard Darel worn every summer for the past 3 years is ripped and falling apart so will be on the look out to update it soon.

Lastly, I’ll share with you some of the personal raw photos from the event with my boyfriend Arjen, my little sister, and our friend Rene. Although this year the line up was not as impressive as previous years and with Beyoncé’s cancelleation, we still enjoyed very much listening to Radiohead, Empire of the Sun, Shura, Lady Gaga was so fun, DJ Snake and DJ Khaled, Lorde and Kendrick Lamar, Arjen’s fav Justice and the most impressive Martin Garrix!!! Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!



My Interior

My Interior

As I recently moved to a new apartment, I finally managed to unpack a few things (friends have complained that I was so slow and that it’s been a month… eeh they aren’t wrong but I know they are just looking forward to the house warming party over here). I love to have a personal touch in my home; let it be old pictures of my family trips or something I found during my travels. I’d love to visit India someday and be able to bring a beautiful colorful rug or an exotic lantern because I feel that my place is missing a little ‘more global’ flavor and plus it’s a good excuse for going to Asia in any case.

From top to bottom: a photo taken in 1999 of our first time west coast road trip with my family in an awful green chevy van| random APC postcard I always seem to get in the mail (hmm maybe because I’ve been spending all my money there)| my dear grandma in the 70’s, a master in classical dressing pairing a white sleeveless shirt, navy cropped trousers, a pair of black loafers with tiny gold hardware before Gucci made tons of profits and most importantly her boyish short haircut I totally adore. I really miss her!| another west coast road trip photo taken by my sister inside that earlier mentioned ugly green van (why am I hating so much on this car when it actually was a comfy van?!)| a photo of me taken by my mom in Montpelier. I must have been 3 years old wearing her designed clothing (she used to have a blast making clothes for me) and being me again- mischievous :p| a marque page from Parisian Chic book (what is the word in English?!).

On the other photo, I have the industrial style lamp in brass piping from Maison Aimable in Paris. Yes I was being me again- stubborn to get it from the shop, walk all around in Paris and have random strangers keep it or hold it for me, then have the airport ship it to the US at astronomical cost and almost missing my flight. But what can I say? I just must have that lamp and it didn’t matter how. Then, I had to do a little brico to get a support for it. I pierced through the table because why not then screw the lamp stand in it and change the French plug to an American one. In either case, a finishing touch was my most favorite thing ever… the Edison light bulb haaa… It makes everything so much better in life! So I’m still working on the deco here and it’s taking longer than forever but as soon as I make progress I’ll show you 🙂 Bisous!

PS: Yes to the friends, we shall have a party here with the swan & the donut but let’s just wait til’ the sun decides to show up again so we can all head to the pool ok?! Best pool party like me with this and this 😀

Vive l’Amour

Hi everyone! I am euphoric to write my first post here.

Are you celebrating love this month? I am hearing yes? Ok, so today let’s talk about l’amour ahhh. But firstly, what is love? Does anyone know? Please don’t laugh I’m serious… because I was asked this philosophical-hard-to-answer-question the other day. And here was my attempted answer well… love is when Arjen cares for me when I don’t feel well (also when I feel well hmm anywho). My friend surprised by my unexpected response replied… that’s what any good friends would do and then proceeded with another question: then what is the difference between a friend and a lover? Hmmm I started scratching my head and got my mind a bit fuzzy and I blame the margaritas. When a situation like this arises there is really only one smart thing to do…. Continue Reading “Vive l’Amour”