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Thoughts on Streamlined Style

To me trends are like white noise in my life. They don’t always fit in my personal mission and are a mere distraction. Do you like me feel constantly bombarded by the media pressuring you to click and buy, dress and look like the best try-hard copy paste version of the It girls, internet influencers, and trendy Instagrammers. Can it get any more mainstream than this?! (new word learned from the lovely Kristina of @uniformlydressed, thanks for the conversation!) I declare the beginning of the end of personal style! White noise in fashion describes a meaningless commotion or is a chatter that masks or obliterates underlying content. White noise alienates me to want things I do not need and to consume mindlessly more such that I am now forced to assess my own reaction against what it means to be a modern woman. Please help! Continue Reading “Thoughts on Streamlined Style”


Hello! After proceeding with some spring cleaning around the house, I went through many things to donate or sell like tons of books and electronics but also went through the bathroom cabinets. So I thought I could show you what’s in my skincare routine. There are a handful of products I use but truth be known, beauty comes from within yes it’s true!!! I am not one to use much cover ups as I prefer to keep things real and a genuine smile goes a long way 😉 So beauty to me has a lot to do with a healthy dose of exercising, meditating and getting that stress relieved, indulging on good food and wine, getting enough vitamins (tip: get a little sun tanned because it’s free vitamin D!!), and having a good laugh everyday is just essential. As for the rest, I can rely on my little products… Continue Reading “Skincare”

Thoughts on Mindful Shopping and Living an Intentional Life

A vast majority of us are guilty at obsessing over material things. My boyfriend frequently reminds me of finding joy in other things because when it comes down to it, they bring no value to our lives. Truth be exposed, he threw a disapproving face when seeing all my Chanel shoes…True fulfillment is acquired by going out into the world and fostering palpable and benevolent things. Buying a new pair of shoes might make you feel confident in the short term but will not enrich your life in the long term.

Undoubtedly, the world would be a stall place if we all wear the same exact thing everyday. Yet, we might all consider simplifying our lives a bit more by reducing the amount of time we spend thinking about pointless aspect of our day (currently reading this book). Life is complicated enough, so don’t allow the little things dictate your happiness. Simplify, simplify, simplify! Have you ever thought about how much time you likely waste deciding what to wear in the morning? I already suffer from decision fatigue from work and life but started tackling on the easiest issue being my wardrobe. And so for the past five years, I have been carefully editing my wardrobe to this point where an eruption of self doubts emerge… Since I was painfully trying to limit my contribution to an excessively materialistic and superficial society, there are times I feel conflicted whenever I am consuming… Continue Reading “Thoughts on Mindful Shopping and Living an Intentional Life”