Hi everyone,

I’m Sovannary, a thirty something years old Parisian who moved to sunny San Diego, CA more than a decade ago. There is another place I call home is Amsterdam, where I can be found four times a year for work.

Speaking of work, I am a full-time Mechatronics Engineer in the semiconductor industry designing lithography machines from complex systems made of high power lasers, tin droplets, and a series of automation to help chip makers. It’s such a challenging and exciting place and time to be in!

On my spare time, I like to work on my hobbies like designing fun robots, learning new skills, cooking French food with my friends, learning new languages (programming & foreign), networking with people around the globe, and thus travelling is one of my favorite activities.

I have written a couple of blogs in the past few years related to minimalist aesthetics (here) and French Chic (here) but early in 2017, I decided to launch a new one (this one) to gather my rumbling thoughts and to document about my quest to finding my personal style which includes a dissection of my relationship to clothes and the eternal ever evolving process of crafting a well curated wardrobe.

This idea sprung from the growing frustration I had (still have) about moving from one apartment to another and burst into tears about realizing how much stuff I never needed I must pack and move reluctantly and constantly with me. Things (including clothes) began to consume me, which led to a disatisfying lifestyle filled with so much debt, stress, and anxiety, as well as adding more carbon footprints. I had less time to focus on experiences that made me happy. With all the things I bought and owned, it was evident that I needed bigger and bigger apartments with tons of storage space.

So in here, I describe my new journey towards living a minimalist lifestyle and discuss societal topics, such as mindful consumerism and how to live a more intentional fulfilling healthier and happier life. Moreover, using this digital journal, I want to be able to share with you all my travelling tips and personal anecdotes!

There are evidently a vast sea of lifestyle blogs on the worldwide web popping up at the speed of light but what I hope you can expect from my blog is my unique and deeply personal perspectives of being French living in California. I am a blogger who embraces a wide range of style and cultural influences from my travels and who doesn’t take herself too seriously when it comes to fashion diktats and following any strict style guides (my rebellious or French side?). I’ll leave it up to you to decide 😉

Welcome to my world and thanks for stopping by!




Photo by French photographer Damier Fournier at the Eindhoven Inntel Art hotel.

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