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Dear reader,

Where shall I begin? Ok, I know … Perhaps from the beginning of my online existence;

  • 2011:  The epitome of simplicité was created for inspiration from appealing visual aesthetics of well you guessed it… simplicity!
  • 2012: Log (essai) was born to replace my tangible journal that won’t either sink in black coffee or catch on fire (don’t judge) but also for building personal connection with my readers & long distant friends
  • Today: de Farjenary exists (finally yeay!). Many friends and family have asked me to blog again so here are some of the reasons that made me create this blog:
    • merge ideas of the previous blogs in order to contribute to the world wide web saturation on related topics of minimalism & french dressing (just kidding!)
    • help people  live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle via my quest to attaining a good life (we’ll find out whatever that means throughout this blog but… noble goal, don’t you think?!)
    • and yes, still a life tracking record (keeping in mind that someday an awesome biography book would be written out of this blog content haha)

Well, welcome!!! Oh wait, a few lines about me of course 🙂 Do you have another minute to spare? Ok, you said yes!

Remember about my soon-to-be biography… it shall begin as such… Sovannary, une bonne vivante was born in Paris, France then moved to the great land of America looking for new adventures (and school biensûr). She currently lives in this place that only offers one seasonal weather called sunny San Diego in Southern California (less than half hour away from the Mexican border…). How terrible it must feel to live in some kind of paradise on earth hmm…  After long years of successful americanization (you will see what that means), she thought she was ready to embrace Europe again and even had considered moving back but as for now her life lies between the golden coast, the Netherlands, and France, with frequent stops in Italy. As she has visited more than 30 cities in the year of 2016, she is determined to make traveling one of her passions. But one must recognize that she is a clever mechatronics engineer who works in a multi billion dollar semiconductor industry that sends her around the world for FREE!!! So expect her to write and talk about her globe-trotting anecdotes. Sovannary is also a very ambitious woman who loves what she is doing for work in the field of Science & Technology, so she is furthering her education to obtain her masters in Dynamic Systems & Controls. She deeply cares about constant learning, career aspirations, personal development, and living a good life…  and having a sense of humor is one thing she won’t compromise on.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Kind regards,



Photo by French photographer Damier Fournier at the Eindhoven Inntel Art hotel.

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