A Mindful Holiday

As we watch leaves turning brown, it just doesn’t feel like it is yet time for proper city and setting a serious tone sartorially speaking. How about a time to reflect, to love, to experience, to feel grateful, whether in the motion or in the stillness, reducing life to its barest  simplicity… a mindful holiday whether it’s going on a faraway adventure (read more here) or drifting away inside a book at the deck. I am unveiling some of my travel secrets to stay sartorial at the beach, in the country, or in the city where no rules apply in my mind.

During my visit at the chateau de Chenonceau in the Pays de la Loire, France and on picnic and beach dates, I wore the style as laid out by this post on Streamlined Style here. The aim was effortless effects a la Jane Birkin and the embodiment of care free spirit. A palette firmly rooted in minimalism (black, natural, and the occasional touch of blushy pink and grey) is the perfect canvas for exploration. The pursuit of sleek, refined, effortless dressing is found in the following coordination: a simple white breezy top with delicate frills details, a black tailored silk short or a pair of faded vintage denim paired with a large straw hat and the fine espadrilles. These summer heroes have liberated my mind to be free of noise from passing trends (read more here) and have allowed me to be more intentional with my time spent to practice indolence (solitaire). A reminiscence of this blog here perhaps?!

Xirena Blouse/Lack of Colors hat/AG jeans/Ball Pages shoes/Abaca bag

My city visits felt like an unbearable lightness carried by the dress. Love begins at the point where a woman enters her first step into finding her poetic-self. A dress can make her move in certain ways, lighten her up or weigh her down. The curves, the silk, the bias cut- she needs nothing else to be memorable. My self-poetical expression began with a special garment crafted by no one who better cares than my own mom. Both strong by the structure of the sharp blazer and feminine in that sensual feel of the fabric, the look I assembled embodied an understated glamour of draping and layering oneself in pieces that act as perfectly cut separates appealing to those who need wardrobe staples that can be dressed up or down with minimal additions. A touch of magic elevated my self-concept from being utilitarian with dressing to something a little more ease with a thoughtful care for elegance I lens. With these thoughts, as a new woman today, I have found my starting point…


1. Lack of Colors hat/Mom’s dress/vintage belt/Ball Pages shoes 2. Gerard Darel blouse/Theory shorts 3. Theory blazer/Madewell Bandana/Gerard Darel blouse/AG jeans/Ball Pages shoes 4. Theory jumper/AG jeans/Repetto shoes/APC necklace 5. Sezane Tee/Ag jeans/ Ball Pages shoes/Abaca bag 6. Steven Alan shirt/Xirena romper/Ball Pages shoes/7. & Other Stories army green jacket




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