A as Attitude…

Is the Parisian’s world class admirable style only linked to Attitude? A as Attitude¹…

Without a doubt she has that indisputable look, that way of being chic with not much, ‘ Oh this? It’s Arjen’s shirt, mine’s at the dry cleaners .’ The way the Parisian does these things (always act cool but never wanting to look perfect) with such insouciance makes foreigners mad with jealousy. But alas truth be known, anything can be learned my friends. You don’t have to be born or grow up in Paris to be comme la Parisienne…So let’s get to it! It is a way of being, of moving, of thinking. That’s exactly why she is recognizable from afar, from NYC to Shanghai. It’s all in the Attitude so it’s 4 am … Can such panache of body language be seen anywhere else even in just hailing a taxi while perched on high heels (and she keeps the damn heels on from evening start to end of night, no cheating you American gals I’ve seen you!) (and well by then she is most probably drunk but let’s not mention that and rather focus on being chic shall we)? The movements are audacious and apologetically authoritative, but the smile she puts on will melt the poor taxi drivers’ heart. No taxi available this morning? The Parisian will grumble:’ Putain! Fait chier! Merdeeee!!!’ (FYI: typical phrase to memorize and say this with no moderation. I think it’s listed on any Paris survival guide) and you’re welcome 🙂

There is a kind of graceful arrogance also in the way she moves; be it flipping back her hair and throws a pfff (a sound that only exists in the French language). This sound can be used for everything and every time she expresses her discontentment or her disapproval or simply because she feels blasée… It’s 11 am, she could also be putting on big 70’s style sunglasses (because it’s still too early) while sitting at a terrace, looking above a cup of coffee at Café de Flore²’s (too touristy so let’s just say at any of her fav ‘ café’s terrace) and flirting with le beau jeune serveur because why not it’s already une VDM (Vie De Merde, locals would know the real Paris life haha but I assume that I am writing for non locals otherwise I’d get a pfff on this post anyways haha) (translation= FML) in Paris but life is still beautiful anyways. That is her well kept secret that our Parisian would never reveal… ‘moi, flirter? Non.’ This attitude and a poised look to make a simple white shirt, jeans and flats outfit look chic!

¹ Having the right attitude is more important than looking just all good to be the Parisian Chic. I am very excited to share with you a project in parallel with Parisian Chic in which  I am aiming at helping people to advance and reaching their goals via providing you all with guides I am currently working on. So stay tuned!

² Note on Café de Flore: Arjen and I don’t really quite enjoy having our ptit dej at this place so much to be honest. It’s so crowded of tourists who want be seen there. A bit pretentious in my opinion. Let alone the price pfff Non merci! So we never quite get the experience we enjoy having: relaxed, low key, and intimate atmosphere. In fact, in Paris I prefer a cozy restaurant where we can converse with the server, the neighbors, or the owners. It makes the dining experience far more fulfilling other than the food itself. Yeah ok we are social creatures like that :p

For a bit of humor, I am leaving you with this video extract of french comic Olivier Giraud on ‘How to become Parisian in one hour.’ His tutorial on how to survive in Paris is hilarious so check it out here! And it’s in English 🙂


Photo: Courtesy of Eleonore Toulin 


  1. Odie (@eizhowa)

    I had no idea you had a blog! Didn’t you have one before as well? I feel like that is how I found you before I followed you on Instagram.


    1. Sovannary

      Hi girl! I did have one on Tumblr years ago then stopped writing/posting for a couple of years. I was pushed to write and post again by some readers & friends haha so I ended created this blog. Hope you like it 😉 Keep in touch!


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