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Not That Complicated

Have you seen the Filippa K campaign #NotThatComplicated circulating around lately? Well, it didn’t pass unnoticed by me with a 20% discount, I couldn’t help myself with getting my hands on the sought after (at least to me it’s been coveted for a long time…) cropped navy trousers. Call it indulgence, impulsive, and irresponsible mindless shopping, but today I really feel no justifications nor a need for logical rational to explain this purchase as opposed to my thoughts and feelings spelled out/spilled out on this post here on being a mindful shopper and living life intensionally.

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A Mindful Holiday

As we watch leaves turning brown, it just doesn’t feel like it is yet time for proper city and setting a serious tone sartorially speaking. How about a time to reflect, to love, to experience, to feel grateful, whether in the motion or in the stillness, reducing life to its barest  simplicity… a mindful holiday whether it’s going on a faraway adventure (read more here) or drifting away inside a book at the deck. I am unveiling some of my travel secrets to stay sartorial at the beach, in the country, or in the city where no rules apply in my mind.

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Thoughts on Resilience

WARNING: Be aware as what you are about to read is a serious (rather lengthy) post, thus it is extremely recommended to take some breaks in between accompanied by a glass of wine or beer or tea or whatever you like. Consider yourself being warned 🙂

So why resilience? Don’t we need to learn to not only survive but thrive in this environment?

I hope after reading this post that it will be in any ways helpful to you when dealing with stress and how to overcome life obstacles. This post tries to define resilience, improve your awareness of stress and have the ability to manage it effectively. I hope to identify the components of resilience and recognize our inherent potential to recover and grow following setbacks. With this lengthy post (go grab some drinks!!), I hope to share strategies and let you partake on my recent experience in building resilience so as to be able to apply these in your own personal life.

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How to Nail a Beach Date (Part 2)

Hello Everyone! It’s the end of summer I know but it’s never too late to revise and complete the list for what to pack on a beach date, right? So shall we get to it!

If you’ve missed the first part of this series, don’t feel bad and head over here!

Beach date essentials
  1. Cool Pair of Sunnies: I used to stick to a classic pair of black or a tortoiseshell which never falls out of style—it’s neutral with a subtle pattern but I wish to take more risk with my style. Have you seen the cat-eye sunglasses that are an effortless way to nail a vintage look like the iconic Gucci cat eye sunglasses. My crave! Alternatively you probably have seen me parading around festivals this summer with this mirror lenses pair from Anthropologie. Indeed, I don’t have to break the bank whenever trying out a new style I am unsure of (my trick!). Also since I seem to always lose/break them, a cheaper pair of shades isn’t a terrible idea after all in adding a dash of style update.
  2. An Oversized Straw Hat: I love that nostalgic flair when I wear my Lack of Colors wide brim boater! A reminiscence of the young Coco Chanel wearing hers with a breton top by Deauville.
  3. Entertainment like a book (if you want to be have a solo moment) and paddle board (if you want to be with friends). I personally like to play beach Volley Ball but when going out on a date, I’d opt for swimming together.
  4. Something Colorful: a bandana for style or ethic bracelets.
  5. Cover ups: I like a light men’s button up shirt tied at my waist because it’s the sexiest thing to wear right now! The one I am wearing is from Steven Alan.

Extra: Water Bottle: I like using my refillable water bottle because the planet doesn’t need more  plastic waste at the shores (not pictured).

These photos were taken during my trip in France at La Baule (in the Pays De La Loire) and what you are seeing is the Atlantic ocean. It was a beautiful trip so stay tuned as I’ll soon update you with many stories to share 🙂

La Baule, Pays De La Loire, France by my sister