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Thoughts on Streamlined Style

To me trends are like white noise in my life. They don’t always fit in my personal mission and are a mere distraction. Do you like me feel constantly bombarded by the media pressuring you to click and buy, dress and look like the best try-hard copy paste version of the It girls, internet influencers, and trendy Instagrammers. Can it get any more mainstream than this?! (new word learned from the lovely Kristina of @uniformlydressed, thanks for the conversation!) I declare the beginning of the end of personal style! White noise in fashion describes a meaningless commotion or is a chatter that masks or obliterates underlying content. White noise alienates me to want things I do not need and to consume mindlessly more such that I am now forced to assess my own reaction against what it means to be a modern woman. Please help! Continue Reading “Thoughts on Streamlined Style”

How To Nail a Beach Date (Part 1)

First and most obviously pick a beach. Since I live in San Diego, the beach I recommend going to are La Jolla (lots of families and students), Del Mar (considered uptown), Pacific Beach (super chill & lots of hot surfers), Mission Beach (also chill but can play Beach Volleyball and lots of nice rooftop bars overlooking at the sunset is so romantic), Ocean Beach (super hipster vibe), Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside (these three are part of  San Diego North County where you can see blue whales migrating from June to September and grey whales from December to April), and Torrey Pines (which has beautiful trails leading to the beach and a bonus is a nude beach nearby ;)). So I went to Pacific Beach (or PB as locals like to call it) since my date lives only a couple of blocks away from the water…

Pacific Beach, California

Pick a day and time and try to be on time (Why am I even stating the obvious??! Well, I was 3 hours late so… yes I know how terrible that is. I’m not a role model in any case here). If I had to chose two enemies to combat it’ll be Punctuality & Procrastination… But I dare to challenge myself!!! Enough said, let’s get to a more interesting topic today:

Now, here is my top 10 packing list (well top 5 as a first part of this series) to guarantee a fun date without too much sweat… Continue Reading “How To Nail a Beach Date (Part 1)”

What to Wear For… A Night Out

I have been so stressed out and over worked lately so going out clubbing can be a great way to shake it out and be in the moment. Some of you may already know that I enjoy EDM. So I went to see Dash Berlin at Omnia San Diego a couple of weeks ago and it was just simply awesome!!! I used to never record videos of my night life, but I’ve started to notice how much social media has taken over the dance floor seeing many people pulling up their phones when a new song was playing. And so I started sharing too (see my Instagram) but I still want to keep it fun and almost secretive about it.

Then, the way of dressing came to my mind along with the consciousness of avoiding to be seen during the night. Suddenly after reading this article here and an extract from our favorite blogger Garance Doré’s book Love Style Life, it started to make a bit of sense for how I felt on clubbing and dressing: Continue Reading “What to Wear For… A Night Out”