Sartorial-Self Edit.01

Sartorial-Self Edit.01

Hi everyone! Judging from the post on How to Suck at Finding a Sartorial-Self Part 1 & 2 success, I decided to expand with a series of thought gathering centering around defining a personal style that is authentic through various experiences. Let it be travel, a change of lifestyle such as graduating from college to go onto a professional life or becoming a stay home mom or even retiring. Personal style may also be influenced by family patterns, cultural, social as well as peer pressures, financial stressors, and evidently the self-concept. I see personal style as a life long work in progress that evaluates internal motivators (how we feel, what we value, but also what we are experiencing and our confidence level) with external feedback (how others perceive us but also how much we care about what others think of us) and as one of the most important tools to confidence building.

It’s hard to overlook personal style as a way we speak to the world.– Women in Clothes

The birth of a sartorial-self

What if you could understand your appearance as a representation of your inner unresolved conflicts (the balance between our self-representation with that of others’ perception of our image) and then assemble a wardrobe to match the way you wish to be perceived? Your thoughts and feelings may be somewhere laying in your closet; you just have to look for garments to coordinate an ensemble that makes you look and feel fantastic.

Should be easy right?! It isn’t as mundane as you may think after all; this mere action of getting dressed every morning. It may even take some courage to gather around the thoughts of not feeling like to get dressed (a protective armor) to face the outside world (including your own mirror), and just wanting to give up would be easier. Have you too ever felt this way? Alternatively when your closet is full of clothes but yet feel that there is nothing to wear. This lack of inspiration may signal to the outside world that you are experiencing a style rut and unknowingly hint to yourself a lack of motivation.

The goal I wish to accomplish with my notes presented in this series of posts labeled Sartorial-Self Edits, isn’t to further populate the over-well saturated navel grazing indulgent blog post on the internet. But I hope to bring a critical perspective with my first person narrative. The kind I wish to find for myself as an avid intelligently ambitious reader who could care less about superficiality and the circus around social media approved recipe for success but I honestly wished there was more opinions and earthy curated blogs with an actual mind and voice I personally could relate to and feel inspired from. And my eternal search must go on but meanwhile here is what I can say… Continue Reading “Sartorial-Self Edit.01”

Minimalism: Live With The Bare Essentials

Minimalism: Live with the Bare Essentials

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to embark on a journey of minimalism life (bulb-light moment here). Today, I wanted to update you all on my milestones achieved so far! I won’t hide away that things weren’t as easy as it first sounded. I am emotionally charged but in a rather good way let me assure you. Minimalism can be perceived as a countercurrent flow of the modern consumerist lifestyle. There are positive properties derived from living on bare essentials, which will be described in this post.

During the move into my new tiny apartment, I began de-cluttering my life. I ensured to only take what I needed. Evidently, the motivations for starting to live this simple minimalist lifestyle is to lessened stress that the reduced clutter gives and far more benefits (read more here).

Minimalism is to me a tool to achieve a happier lifestyle. So to begin the process of living on bare essentials, the first thing to do is undeniably to set goals. Curious to find out what my goals were to choose minimalism as my new way of life, keep reading… Continue Reading “Minimalism: Live With The Bare Essentials”

The Trench

Second hand hat// APC trench coat// Theory sweater// Gerard Darel pants// Isabel Marant boots

Hi everyone! Now that I am back home in San Diego, CA from my Euro trip (read here), the world’s known sunny and breezy city finally starts to reveal its “winter-ish” side. It’s been raining cats and dogs here the past couple of days with temperature reaching below 20°C which is quite unbelievable! So I couldn’t hide how excited I was to be able to step out with my trench coat over my oh-so-soft cashmere sweater (note to self: brush off the piling asap!!) from my fav label Theory paired with my wool straight leg trousers from Gérard Darel (I got from Paris a few years back with my mom). I wore my warm knitted hat I bought from a vintage shop during my travel in Dresden, Germany and trotted around with my beloved Isabel Marant Deyissa boots I scored on sale last year! Continue Reading “The Trench”

Purchase Review: 2017 Edit

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you guys had a wonderful start of the new year. Ahh how getting back to work could ever be so tough when one had so much fun during the end year break. Have you read my notes on 2017 post here yet?

So, today I wanted to share with you my list of my purchase in 2017 (this keeps track of my ‘bad’ spending habits and makes me accountable for the quest to mindful shopping which is something I’m striving for…) as well as a reflection/notes and lessons learned by dissecting both successful buys and yeah…failures (it happens). So here we go…

Continue Reading “Purchase Review: 2017 Edit”

Notes on 2017

Hi everyone! I wish you all a happy holiday!! Wouldn’t you agree that this year has gone by in a flash? And it’s already the time to recollect all the fond memories of year 2017 and be in a self-reflection (notice the picture haha) and gratitude exercising mode. So this post will serve as sharing with you guys my notes and highlights on 2017.

I wanted to first start off my notes with this blog creation :). At the beginning of the year, de Farjenary was born Continue Reading “Notes on 2017”

Things to Packs for a Winter Euro Trip

Hi everyone! I got my flight booked on impulse to Paris piouf! Almost thought it wouldn’t happen. (Note to self: Stop procrastinating and throwing cash through the window for a flight home on a last minute booking especially over the winter holidays!!! I hate myself for that). Sorry for that ok so today I wanted to talk about what to pack for a two weeks long trip to Europe in the winter…

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Thoughts on Dating An American Like You

Dear Cutie,

After recently getting back from what I believe to be one of the most incredible, wild, fun, and memorable road trips I’ve ever taken so far to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona visiting sights like the Vegas’ strip and the impressive Hoover Dam, hiking the Angel’s landing of Zion Park and visiting the breath taking lower & the adventurous upper Antelope Canyons, as well as a stop and climb on rocks at the stunning Horse Shoe Bend, I am delighted to share with you (and my dear readers & friends) my thoughts on dating an american guy (like you), a topic that has been feeding countless debates for lots of conversations I’ve had with my fellow French expats. Continue Reading “Thoughts on Dating An American Like You”

La Marinière

La marinière ahhhh the enduring power of the effortlessly chic French-girl style that never ceases to amaze the world. Really?! No more cliché gaaah the web doesn’t need anymore. Who still writes that?! Sorry, so let’s start over…

To me, what I enjoy the most about wearing this quintessential striped pullover lies in the good ole memories of my trips to Bretagne (eating lots of galettes) or along the Pays de la Loire and hang out by the seaside and eat a bunch of sablés. Hello to a reminiscence of Chanel in Deauville inspired by les Marins’ uniforms who made the marinière so coveted. There are Breton tops everywhere at the market and crochet bags in la Guérande (even my mom got hers during our vacation both the stripes and tote bag haha).  How to be like a tourist, ask my mom lol. Continue Reading “La Marinière”